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Welcome to Interlopers Incorporated

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You did not sincerely think you could get away from the Cinder King that easily, did you? The future is mutable and inscrutable. This is but one possible future, and I’m afraid it will not be kind...


6 Months Later...


Mado Curas has fallen.  Legoless Erenaur finds himself hiding on the second story of a burned out building in the northern part of the city. He peers out a broken window at an intersection below. Ranks upon ranks of humans in malicious black armor stand at attention, guarding a tall humanoid with a crown of green flames. Soon two monstrous corpse golems bring forth a solitary figure. The creature walks forward, unbowed despite the heavy chains. Lightning flashes and Legoless Erenaur recognizes his friend, Kwame. Rescue would be suicide, and he bites back a cry of helpless rage.


The Cinder King moves forward and raises a long finger. A thin jet of green flame erupts and strikes Kwame, burning a now familiar symbol in the Luxodon’s chest. 


Color drains from the figure as he cries out in momentary pain. The cry cuts off.


Kwame kneels.


The Cinder King speaks with a guttural rasp. “Rise, my champion.”


Render stands.


The Knights of the Black Oak kneel before their new commander.


Legoless Erenaur retreats into the darkness of the room, then out through the back of the building and out of the City proper.


His retreat is harried by various unimaginable horrors, until he reaches a hidden ley. What’s left of the Interlopers camp with the remainder of Nox’s Company of Light, bound together in a desperate bid for survival.


Nox and Trithemius sit in quiet counsel. Legoless Erenaur gives his report from his reconnaissance mission. The two grizzled veterans nod, faces darkening.


Nox speaks first. “The South is lost. We must make for Skydagger Keep. Others will rally there, and we can make a stand.”


Trithemius takes a long pull on his cigar, then nods. “If there are others.”


In this alternative-history sequel to Living D&D, we will use a system called Band of Blades (a Forged in the Dark game) to follow the remnants of Interlopers Inc and the Company of Light on a strategic withdrawal to the Company’s headquarters to the Northeast: Skydagger Keep. 


But first the bad news. As of now, this is a single DM show, and that means all sessions will be held during my crazy after dark hours. (Saturdays from 9:15ish pm PST to 12:15ish am PST). The night belongs to the Cinder King. If you can’t make these sessions, don’t worry, there is more MadCast tabletop goodness coming. This system is amenable to drop in play, so we’ll have weekly signup threads with signup preference going to players based on the number of sessions they’ve been able to attend.


The system is designed for grim low magic fantasy, with touchstones like The Black Company. While there are many changes from 5e, one of the most significant to explain up front is that you will not be playing as the same character throughout the game. Characters die, a lot. And even if your character survives a mission, you may be assigned a different character while your first character recovers. Be prepared to play many different characters. Embrace it! Feel free to remake your LD&D character, or something entirely new, but don’t get too attached! Oh and for you magic users, the Cinder King ‘s rise has coincided with a wane in the arcane and the divine. Magic is mostly gone from the world. You’ll have to make due with steel and gunpowder like the rest of us.


This is a squad based mission game. Your commander will send you out on missions in a desperate attempt to gather sufficient resources (and new recruits) to survive while staying one step ahead of the Cinder King’s forces. After all, merely reaching Skydagger Keep won’t mean much if you limp in with a hungry, demoralized, undersupplied band of survivors.


This brings me to a fairly unique thing about this game among tabletop RPGs: There is a set win condition. Reach Skydagger Keep, mount a defense, and survive if you can. At the end of the defense of Skydagger, the Band will get a score. If you fail, you’ll know just how bad it truly was.


More information will be coming soon. In the mean time I’ve set up a text channel: interlopers-inc.


Happy to answer questions about the system there and discuss my rather nascent plans, and generally get hype!

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