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Home brewing.


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if you're interested, one of the easiest places I would recommend is it start with mead. 

you need a sterilizing agent, a big pot, a primary fermenter, (a secondary fermenter if you want to get fancy), a racking cane and tubing, an airlock and bung for the fermenter, non-chlorinated water, honey, yeast, and whatever flavorings you want. 

bring the water almost to a boil, turn off heat, mix in honey, mix well, let cool (or put the pot in an ice bath), put in the yeast, mix well again, pour into fermenter and put in airlock. depending on how long you want to let it condition you can have mead ready as soon as two weeks depending on alcohol content and yeast strain, or you can rack it into a secondary fermenter and let it ago for months to perfection.


and there you go, a really simple mead recipe. 

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