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Introduction to DnD 5e in Roll20 - Monday June 1 @ 10PM EST


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Are you curious about all of the tabletop talk happening around MadCast? Are you also a little overwhelmed or intimidated at the thought of getting started? 

During this Introduction to DnD in Roll20, I'll walk you through the most important numbers on a character sheet, and explain what they mean. I'll explain what some of the mysterious abbreviations like "DC" or "AC" or "2d20" mean, and I'll show you how to use the Roll20 DnD interface to do stuff like use a spell, roll a dice, or attack!

Then we will go on a short adventure and practice all of the things we've learned. 

This will be a very short event following Townhall on Monday, June 1. It should take no longer than 2 hours, though people may want to hang around and talk about the adventure or ask questions afterwards. 



What do I need to do to prepare for this event?

Make a free Roll20 Account. That's it!

Will there be followup sessions?

This event is designed to be self-contained and focused on demystify DnD and Roll20 for you. You are not signing up for this with the expectation of attending any future events or using these characters again.

How much will this cover?

Just the basics- I've stripped away some aspects such as character backgrounds, and limited some choices (like which spells to take), so that new players won't feel overwhelmed. If you enjoy this and want to play more, you'll have experienced all of the core concepts, but you'll still have a lot more to discover.

Do I have to role play?

Role playing just means making decisions about what to do. It does not have to include talking in first person or using an accent, thought that can be fun. If you are describing what your character does, you are role playing. And you do have to describe what your character does. So yes. You have to role play.

I still feel awkward about role playing...

Here's what role playing looks like. I say: "You see a kitten stuck in the tree next to the path you are walking down. A little girl is crying and trying to get the kitten to come down. What do you do?" and you say: "My cleric wants to go help get the kitten down." Then I say: "Okay, how do you want to help get the kitten down?" and you say: "By climbing the tree and carrying the kitten down." or "By climbing on the ranger's shoulders to reach the kitten." That's role playing! It's not going to be awkward unless you role play being awkward. ;) 

How do I sign up?

If you want to reserve a spot, sign up in this thread (if you are an experienced player, mark that, and I will count you as a provisional sign up). Otherwise, it will be first come, first serve with newbie priority following Townhall. I will cap this at 5 players, though anyone else is welcome to silently spectate. 


  • Newbies who signed up in the thread
  • Newbies who join after Townhall, in first-come first-serve order
  • Experienced players who signed up in the thread
  • Experienced players who join after Townhall, in first-come first-serve order


Can I join even if I'm not a newbie?

Yes, but I'll give priority to people who are new to DnD and/or haven't used Roll20 before. Understand that you are not the target audience for this event, and I have a few expectations for you:

  • Do not jump in to explain something without being called on, and be respectful if I ask you not to get too deep into a concept that won't be relevant for the evening. It's not fun to be overwhelmed, and we want to make sure new players can master the basics before they do a deep dive on anything else.
  • Do not criticize new player decisions or back-seat game. If new players want to phone-a-friend and ask for input, that's fine, but if you keep jumping in to tell someone what they should do without being asked, I will ask you to leave the event.
  • You'll have to use one of the pre-made characters, and I'll ask you to choose from what's left after our new players choose what sounds fun to them.

Afterwards, we'll open things up for talking and informal Q&A, and you can share away.


Attendee Signup:

  • MadCast: Sotarkadin
  • MadCast: Mike
  • MadCast: Wazap
  • Dramatic Hippie
  • theperuvianjuan


Provisional Signup:

  • M3R0VIUS (M3R0 on Discord)
  • ameyeeee
  • MadCast: Icarus
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  • 2 weeks later...

If there are any that weren't able to attend but would like to have a chance I may be running an intro event for some Scratticus Academy folk.


1. Session 0, Safety Tools and Character creation

2. Roll20 and playing a short game with characters you made last session.

3. Potential follow up game session.


HMU in a discord DM.

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