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Let's Play Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition (AKA V5)

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I'm looking to run a few one-shots of VTM V5 for our folks to see if folks like the system and to see if it is a fit for a long-term campaign I plan to run in the future. If you are unfamiliar with the game that's no problem (but you can check out the short and sweet of it here) as I'll be running an intro chronicle that'll walk us through playing the game and what you all need to learn as we play. The chronicle is intended to both the players and Storyteller (DM) how to play V5 and introduce most of the important mechanics and concepts of the game. All of the players will be playing newly embraced kindred when we start this chronicle.

Once we've established a party (coterie in VTM terminology) we'll discuss lines and veils before we begin our chronicle.

My game will be run using Fantasy Grounds Unity VTT (download it here). You characters will be pregenerated though you will have the choice of 7 different vampires you can play, each of which has their own particular backgrounds, clans, and skills.

Being that I've never run this game before I suspect this session will take somewhere between 3-4 hours

However, before we start this game I want to share something directly from the book from which we'll be playing:


Vampire the Masquerade contains graphic descriptions of death, physical violence — including the use of guns, fantasy violence (claws, biting), stalking, gore, blood drinking — as well as drug and alcohol use. Vampires are predators, heirs of an ageless condition and driven by supernatural forces they struggle to control. One overwhelming fact defines their existence: to survive, they require blood. In most cases, taking blood involves hurting someone, maybe even killing them. No matter how virtuous a vampire may be on the evening of their Embrace (the ritual by which a human being becomes a vampire), they quickly understand their long-term survival requires constant compromise between ethics and practicality. Vampire explores those moral compromises. How far will a character go for survival? For success? The deceit and violence a vampire is willing to engage in, the people they’re willing to hurt and betray, that’s where we find true horror. Vampire is about sacrificing one’s Humanity, bit by bit, until nothing remains but a monster. Thus, participants should prepare themselves to explore themes of violence, desperation, and exploitation.

The pain in these stories should stay entirely fictional. Before playing, your whole group should discuss everyone’s preferences and tolerances. By establishing solid boundaries, all participants can fully delve into their favorite dark themes while avoiding upsetting anyone. Even then, this discussion cannot cover every potential plot twist. If a player or Storyteller finds the story going in an uncomfortable direction, they can and should stop play to discuss alternate resolutions. Storytellers can skip, revise, reroute, or summarize a given scene, if doing so enhances the experience for all those involved. And players should be amenable to such changes. Trust and consideration are a collective responsibility. Everyone should be mindful of this while playing.

Before we start the game we will be discussing lines and veils in order to ensure everyone has a good time and no one is made uncomfortable by topics brought up in this game.

With all of that said, if folks are interested in playing or have any questions about the game let me know here. I'll have a sign up sheet for a session later this week coming shortly after this post 



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19 minutes ago, teresasaurusrex said:

I'm interested, but i am an absolute noob 

No worries! This is made to be friendly for new folks! Did you want to sign up for one of the sessions I'm running? If so you can check out the sign up thread HERE.


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