MadCast: Kitty Stark

Outstanding Ranking Full Member - Cycle XXXV

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As another cycle comes to a close, the admin team would like to take the time to recognize and appreciate the efforts of all of our RFMs for the voluntary work that they do to keep MadCast running. We've welcomed a lot of new faces in the past cycle, and one of them really stood out to the SFMs as someone who is an exemplary part of our community.

MadCast: Cloud  is being awarded ORFM for Cycle XXXV. Her consistent efforts to get League of Legends Mafia up and running again has brought a beloved game mode and recurring event back to the MadCast community. Cloud has a cheerful and generous personality that has become central to the continued success of Mafia due to the amount of returning players. She has worked a lot of extra hours to refine the Mafia event, and brings her fellow RFMs together to ensure that the final result is a fun and reliable game. Outside of Mafia, Cloud has also been a frequent player in Don't Starve Together, Wolcen, and Halo, where she easily pulls in full lobbies with her friendly but competitive attitude.

Congratulations and thank you to @MadCast: Cloud!

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