Which topic would you like to see covered in the first DM Workshop?  

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  1. 1. Which topic would you like to see covered in the first DM Workshop? (Please check any and all you're interested in)

    • Homebrew vs Pre-made
    • World Building (This includes SO many topics)
    • Storytelling & Narrative
    • Planning vs. Winging it
    • Dealing with different types of players
    • Creating Atmosphere
    • Real Life vs Digital
    • Systems (D&D, FATE, Pathfinder, etc.)

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Hello all you fabulous table toppers! 

I am starting up what will be a regular or semi-regular event centered around providing would be DMs of all experience levels with the information and tools they need to successfully run a game of their own or to possibly make their own games better.

I wanted to start this because I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who aren't sure if they want to try to run a game on their own because they don't think they'll be any good. Well, none of us were great when we first started. It takes practice, but with these workshops I'd like to provide the community a chance to hear from some of the more experienced DMs we have here. There are already a fair number of us willing to lend our time and our knowledge to this endeavor. Because when everyone is more knowledgeable and confident, the more the tabletop community as a whole is uplifted.

It will work like this:

In between each session I will post a poll with several different topics available for vote. Whatever the most voted for topic will be what is covered in the next session. The first half of the session will be discussion from one of our experienced DMs about the specific topic, while the second half will have more of a Q&A feel to it, though still hopefully centered around the topic of the day. I don't see it being super serious of a discussion, as we're all here to help us all have more fun with tabletop.

I have not determined a first session date as of yet as it may vary due to the fluctuating schedule of the DMs. For now though, please vote in the poll about what you would like to hear and learn about during the first session.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please do not hesitate to let me know!


Also, if you are a DM and I have not approached you yet but would like to volunteer your time, experience and knowledge to this, PLEASE let me know!

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