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Intro: its-tzarina


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Hi, I'm its-tzarina! I'm 29, live in Colorado, and I've a degree in engineering (although I discovered too late I don't actually enjoy being an engineer).

Right now my life has been all about D&D and related tabletop games. When I have access to a decent internet connection, however, I enjoy playing both Overwatch and Hearthstone.

I found MadCast through a reddit post about the MCAL and I'm looking forward to participating!

From my limited time here, I've enjoyed the atmosphere and I hope to eventually become a full member.

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Hello again! Had a lot of fun playing with you during Khaos' session last night.

56 minutes ago, its-tzarina said:

I hope to eventually become a full member.

Whenever you want to officially apply, or if you have questions about how to become a member, feel free to shoot me a message! You're welcome to chill out as long as you want before you make that decision though.

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