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DM Workshop Episode #1 "Planning Vs Winging it"

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In this thread you can post questions you'd like answered, or specific points you'd love to hear touched on in the upcoming first episode of the DM Workshop! These can be for specific people (Such as myself, or Prince, or Munsa, etc.) but for the most part the questions will probably just be asked of whoever wants to answer them.

The topic of the upcoming episode is:

Planning vs. Winging it or, How to prepare for the pure chaos that is players.

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  1. What's the most "oh shit" moment you've had as a DM where you struggled to come up with something on the fly?
  2. Do you randomly get ideas for campaigns and save them to use later, or only brainstorm when you're planning for your current players?
  3. What is the funniest thing a player in your campaign did that you didn't expect?
  4. What is the most satisfying "ah ha!" moment you've had as a DM, where a player tried to be clever or throw you for a loop but you were actually prepared for it?
  5. How do you decide how many maps & NPCs to prepare for a given session/campaign to cover all potential avenues?
  6. Have you ever been frustrated or felt like you wasted effort preparing content that was never actually used? Do you toss it after or save the idea to recycle later?
  7. What inspires you when you feel stuck on prepping material?

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