Legends of Runeterra (Riot card game)

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  Have you guys played riots card game? Legends of runeterra? ive been playing since it released and its not pay to win at all like hearthstone and other games (that one steam card game) mostly you buy cosmetics like in league, and you get so many free rewards just for playing, there is ranked and normal games along with expeditions and gauntlets, also they have a new event to go with the spirit blossom event like in league, its really fun if you havnt tried it its free and you like card games def give it a shot ive had hours of fun and am still enjoying it. If you do play what is your favorite deck? im currently rocking a miss fortune swain gangplank deck if you want the code let me know 😛 also i challenge you to a D..Ddddddduel   (my current deck code that got me to gold): CEBAEAIDAISQIAQGBMGBMOQDAIBAGAYEAMAQGHRIF4BQEBQEFUYQGAQCAMDAOAQCAYOCAAQBAMHC4

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