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The Shadow Title

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Shadow is the title associated with the summer season of 2019, with the Menagerie and the raid Crown of Sorrow. With the Leviathan getting vaulted with the release of Beyond Light, this title will very likely be unobtainable after November. Crown of Sorrow is being the Forsaken DLC paywall, so if you want this title you will need to buy Foresaken.

First, as always, you’ll need to complete the Collections badge. In it are all the new Menagerie-themed weapons you get from putting different rune combinations in the Chalice, the sword you get from doing Heroic Menagerie, the weapons from the Crown of Sorrow raid, a Triumph-specific ghost shell, a Triumph-specific sparrow, 4 shaders you get get on Menagerie-themed weapons or armor you get from the Chalice, an emblem for completing a menagerie run, an emblem for completing Crown of Sorrow, a full set of Opulent armor obtained from runes in the Chalice, and a full set of armor from the Crown of Sorrow raid. The ghost shell and the sparrow are connected to triumphs needed for the title, so I’ll go over those later on. Here are some images of rune combinations for the weapons and armor you’ll need. You will need to upgrade enough to be able to get blue runes. Remember that you can pick up runes by opening chests on the barge on Nessus, those chests cost 5000 Glimmer each to open.

For the collection badge you will need Rose, the basic hand cannon you get from starting the Lumina quest, but you won’t need Lumina itself (it’s an interesting Exotic hand cannon, but the quest will require some PvP hand cannon kills and a difficult Gambit medal to obtain, so I won’t blame anyone who starts it to pick up Rose and then gets rid of the quest).

Now comes all the triumphs. You’ll need to complete 16 of Werner 99-40’s weekly bounties. Werner is the weird robot up in the big golden barge in Watcher’s Grave on Nessus. Every week he’s got 4 different weekly bounties. Some are easy, some aren’t. Start doing those every week.

There are 15 triumphs associated with the Menagerie. You’ll need to complete a run of the Menagerie without running out of time during the encounters. This means that you’ll need a little pop-up on the left-hand side of your screen (where buffs and debuffs appear) that says ‘Calus applauds you on your flawless run.’ This doesn’t mean don’t die, this means completing the encounter before the timer up near the top left-hand side of the screen runs out. This might take some time, some figuring out of the mechanics, don’t worry if this takes a little while.

You’ll need to complete a run of the Menagerie in a complete set of Opulent gear. This means the Opulent armor set you get from the Chalice. You’ll also need to defeat each of the 3 bosses that can appear in the Menagerie. They rotate weekly, so best to jump in once a week to do a Menagerie run. The bosses are a large Vex Minotaur in a theatre-esque room, a large Hive Ogre in a dark and sandy room, and a large Vex Hydra in large room with a massive open space on one side (this is the room used for about half of the Menagerie encounters). You’ll need to complete the encounters The Riposte, The Hunted, The Arkborn, and The Crystals with time left on the clock, meaning get that flawless run message to pop up. These encounters are fairly straight-forward, the video I’ve linked to explains how they work. With some good coordination/knowing how the encounters work, you should be able to get these fairly quickly.

You’ll need to complete The Mockery with all 3 havens preserved. This encounter works like Blind Well in the Dreaming City (if you’ve never run Blind Well, please go run some Blind Well after reading this guide). You’ll have 3 spaces, left, middle, and right, that have a bubble. Staying in the bubble keeps you alive. When you leave the bubble, you’ll have a short timer on a buff called Touch of Sky. This will keep you alive outside the bubble. Once the timer ends, you’ll have a debuff called Touch of the Deep which will slowly kill you unless you return to a bubble. To keep the bubbles up and healthy (for lack of a better word), you’ll need to kill the Sky Eater Wizards that spawn in for the orb they drop and dunk the orbs in the totem inside the bubble. 3 teams of 2 is good with 1 person on each team with some kind of solar weapon to help take down the Wizards’ shields.

You’ll need to complete The Gauntlet by having all 6 players complete every lap before time runs out. If you’ve ever run the Leviathan raid, this works similar to that Gauntlet encounter. First you’ll kill enemies, defeat a large Vex boss, then all still living players will teleport into the Gauntlet-running space. You just need to run forward, doing some platforming and avoiding bumping into your teammates, making it through the doorway at the end of each section to continue your timer so you don’t die. You’ll need to do this 3 times with each Gauntlet run being more and more difficult. This can be hard to do, you might need a whole fireteam on voice. There used to be a way to cheese this by firing a grenade launcher over the finish line at the end of each run because it’s very easy to slip and fall, die to fire, or die to the expired timer, it's possible this still works.

You need the Rolling Deep triumph, which means you’ll need to slot a total of 200 runes in your Chalice. Completing this triumph will get you the Sparrow that is part of the Collections badge. This can and will take some time because when you first start putting runes in the Chalice you can only do 1 at a time. The handy thing is a lot of the triumphs I’ve mentioned, plus the ones found in the Destinations/Minor/Menagerie section of your overall Triumphs will reward you with some of the Imperials needed to upgrade your Chalice. Werner’s weekly bounties will also grant you Imperials, so remember to keep doing those. Here is a recommended list of which upgrades to focus on:

  • Slot 1, Power & Efficiency 1, Power & Efficiency 2 (P&E 2 is very important, so beeline straight to this one.)
  • Rune Compatibility 1
  • Slot 2
  • Rune Compatibility 2
  • Rune Bonus 1 & Rune Bonus 2
  • Rune Compatibility 3, Slot 3, Rune Bonus 3, Power & Efficiency 3 (These last 4 are all your choice, really. Whichever sounds more important to you.)

The next 3 will require a full 6-person fireteam and a lot of communication. You’ll need to defeat each Menagerie boss during a run of Heroic Menagerie without dying. A couple of points to remember: Heroic Menagerie has no matchmaking so you’ll definitely need a pre-made fireteam, and you just can’t die during the boss fight. During the encounters, you’re welcome to die, just not during the final boss encounter. Bring some Titan bubbles and some Warlocks with Well of Radiance, play it safe, everything should be fine.

The final 6 triumphs are connected to the Crown of Sorrow raid. You’ll need to complete a flawless run of the raid, meaning no one can die. Take things slow overall, only 2 team members need to complete the jumping puzzle part, be prepared to defeat the final boss in 2 phases, and remember to keep an eye on your Witch’s Blessing timer. You’ll need to loot the chest at the end of the jumping puzzle 5 times. This is a secret triumph until you complete it, just remember that it exists. You’ll need to complete all 4 encounters without any player receiving the Witch’s Curse debuff. This happens when your timer runs out and your screen starts to turn red, so if that ever happens, you won’t get it for that encounter. The good news is you don’t need to do this in one run of the raid, it only counts per encounter. This triumph will get you the ghost shell needed for the Collections badge.

You’ll need to complete the Limited Blessings challenge, which means only 2 people can have the Witch’s Blessing buff in the first encounter. Some suggestions for this are, when running 3 teams of 2 for the left, middle, and right, that only 1 person on the left and right start with the Blessing, or that only the 2 people in the middle have it and then they swap out. Basically, you can only have 2 people with Witch’s Blessing at one time. You’ll need the Total Victory challenge, which means that during the 3rd encounter when you face off against Gahlran’s Deception you need to break the shield 5 times. Try and have 1 person with Anarchy. Here’s a link to a video I found for a quick and easy way of doing this. You’ll need the With Both Hands challenge, which means that during the final encounter, when it comes time to shoot both the boss’s hands when they glow green, only 1 person can shoot 1 hand. Make sure each team decides which one will shoot the left and which will shoot the right hand, and when you get to the boss when you shoot him in the face, decide which team will shoot hands first, then second, then third if you need a 3rd damage phase. This pretty much means that when it comes time to damage the boss, only 1 person is shooting the left hand and only 1 person is shooting the right. Then, for the second boss damage phase (if you need it), a different person shoots the left hand and another different person shoots the right. This will take some pre-encounter coordination, make sure to be clear with your teammate and your fireteam as a whole as to Hands team 1, 2, and 3 if you need 3. Here’s another video guide.

And that should be it. Here’s the usual video on the entire title. As always, let me know if I've missed something.


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