Town Hall Sparknotes - August 2020

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Cloud: discussed League of Legends mafia weekly event
Icarus: discussed the goings-on for MadCast Adventurer's League
LizzieJay: discussed lots of Destiny updates, a new guide, helpful video tutorials, and the next catch-up event
Mandalorian: discussed Destiny raid nights and some schedule changes, as well as challenges within raids
Qrow: discussed any members who had a tag-birthday during July
Quanta: discussed the delay of Amazon's upcoming release New World

JigglesTheFett: discussed the tabletop podcast that is ongoing
Kitty Stark: discussed a name policy clarification, Social Saturday events, a small amendment to FM terms, and current candidate comment threads
Mike: discussed a little for League of Legends and gaming with community members
The Prince: discussed his stream and some public games like Marbles On Stream in the near future, and mentioned his wife putting makeup on him (which was magnificent, if you missed it), also an upcoming FM Orientation

Various Full Members discussed revisiting older community games such as Vermintide 2, HotS, and Left 4 Dead. There was also mention of new games such as Fall Guys and Grounded, and the upcoming release of Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC. AngleOfDeath mentioned his personal gaming servers and what is currently running on them. People also discussed possibly bringing back League of Learning as an event, and about the current featured mode Nexus Blitz having custom games.

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