Modded Ark Survival Evolved Server now available for MadCast Members

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It has been heavily Requested that We get a Modded ark server going, so I have got one going with a few mods that i think the community will like. If you would like to join Send me a Pm on discord and ill set you up with the Password.

ServerName: Arkaeology Cluster -Crystal Isles Modded
Rates: x5 Everything
Mode: PVP
Passworded: yes
Map:Crystal Isles
OfflineProtection: False
Playerstats: x3
Mods: Automated Resource Pumps, Resource Bugs, Bag of Holding V2, Smart Beetle, IronAge, Dino Raids, Classic Flyers, eco's Garden Decor,eco's RP Decor, eco's Terrariums, eco's Stable Structures and Decor, HG Stacking Mod 2500-50 V312, Unlock Haircuts and Emotes, Shiny! Dinos, Versatile Raft Mod, RP Visual Storage, Wardrobe Skins, Structures Plus (Open Source), Awesome SpyGlass!, Human NPCs, eco's Empires - Romans, eco's Empires - Vikings, Additional Lighting, Immersive Taming, MarniiMods: Wildlife, Shadlos's Small Dragons Revival, Rare Sightings, Auto Engrams!.

PM me on discord for Password: AngleOfDeath#1860

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