MS Flight Sim - Pictures of Charleston SC

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I took an aerial tour of one of my favorite cities, Charleston, SC. I wanted to share some of the highlights using screenshots. MS Fight Sim isn't perfect and you'll see the graphic bugs, but you can get the general idea of how beautiful the city and the surrounding area is.

This is the coast a couple miles north of Charleston.


This is Sullivan's Island and Fort Moultrie. Fort Moultrie is where South Carolina gets its state tree, the Palmetto Tree. It is said that during the first invasion of Charleston, during the American Revolution, the British cannonballs bounced off of the wooden palisade built of Palmetto logs. The British withdrew after seeing that they could not take the fort and harbor. Over the years it was upgraded to be a stronger coastal fortification, but now it is a wonderful landmark to visit. 


This is Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the American Civil War was fired. The museum inside is small but very informative and worth the tour. At the bottom of the picture you can see a slight bug where the ferry boat is a little messed up. 


This is a view of Charleston Harbor, Patriots Point, and the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. In the background the left river is the Cooper River and the right is the Wando River. The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge is home to the Cooper River Bridge Run, a 10K race that goes through parts of Charleston and finishes after racing over the bridge. Patriots Point is a naval museum and his home to the USS YORKTOWN (CV-10), destroyer USS LAFFEY (DD-724), and the diesel submarine USS CLAMAGORE (SS-343). There is also a naval aircraft museum on the USS Yorktown, a replica of a Vietnam War fire base, and a Medal of Honor Exhibit. 


If you ever find yourself in Charleston SC, be sure to visit Fleet Landing Restaurant and Bar. It is the white building on the water. You can enjoy seaside dining and excellent coastal Carolina cooking. 


I'm a little disappointed with how MS Flight Sim rendered this part of Charleston, but you make due with what you have. Battery Park, located in the trees on the corner of the land, is full of awesome gazebos, statues, and old decommissioned cannons (that's where the name comes from). The park is surrounded by water and beautiful historical buildings and it is a must see for any tourist sightseeing trip.  


This final picture is taken above the wetlands near John's Island. The best oysters are found here and a lot of restaurants hire people to crawl through the mud in boats to find the freshest oysters. 


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