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If you haven't heard the bird, the word is currently Among Us. It's 4.99 on Steam at the moment and is a wonderful who-dun-it murder mystery.

This game is an absolute blast. Crewmates complete tasks and sus the imposters, while imposters have to kill and sabotage their way to victory by mutilating all the crew members. It's a great laugh, and all around good fun. 



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11 minutes ago, MadCast Maday said:

I have picked it up.  Currently $4.99 on Steam. 

Edited my post to correct it. 

I'd love to get MadCast in on this, it's an absolute blast. There's also an online lobby system in game so you can play even when we're not all on for events. I'm addicted to it and spent most of my day yesterday sus'ing out imposters. 

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