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I just wanted to make this known.  

For anyone that has been interested or on the fence about playing FF14  Im ALWAYS looking for people to play with.  I play on the Aether Server group.

FF14 has a free trial  current cap is level 80 for main game  the free Trial is till level 60! with NO TIME LIMIT there are some restrictions but we can party and do stuff together. ( as long as you join my server group ) level 60 is up till the end of the 1st expansion.  So plenty we can do together and if you decide you don't wanna play that is fine. But if you do im totally down to keep playing with anyone!  So if you have even thought about it before why not give it a shot!  ( I believe this free trial only works for people that have never had a account so people that used to have it cant turn accounts back on with it ) Im willing to do my best to answer questions or whatever  hit me up on Discord or here on forums!


Hope to see some people take advantage of this  ❤️

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I'd really like to try this as the game looks pretty in some of the screenshots I've seen and I also think my character can have cat ears, which would be neat. I'm too busy to start a new game at the moment but if you see me around in a few weeks just start poking me about it so I don't forget!

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