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DMing on Roll20 - An Introduction

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As raised in townhall I want to offer a session to get those interested in DMing familiar with how to DM in Roll20 VTTs.

Roll20 has a free level which is limiting but still absolutely possible to use to run DnD 5e however I will include how to use features available at both subscription levels. So this will run from how to create a game to how to setup YOUR game. With Dynamic Lighting, Advanced Fog of War, token setup and Character Sheets. And how to use the pre-written API scripts.

I have run this 4 times, once for a community Member and it should take less than 1 hour, if more people want to join the same session this may take a bit longer. If you have specific ideas you would like to learn to implement please bring them to the session! (Ideally let me know beforehand).

After the session I will be available for questions so there is post session support. I will also add you as a co-DM to my sandbox so that you can test run things.

You will need a free Roll20 account and we will use discord voice.

Please thread interest and questions below

You do not have to be completely new to Roll20! If you are adept but want to learn how to use a feature please do post interest

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I would be interested in attending such a session Kal.  While I have been using Roll20 a fair time now, and enjoy setting up macros for my personal use, I am not very familiar with the DM side.  I tend to have a lot of ideas for my characters, and if I can save DMs some work by creating items, tokens etc, then I'm all for it. 

This is especially true for my current moon druid's animal forms, which use the druid's proficiency bonus rather than the animal's if the druid's proficiency bonus is higher, and also may gain some of the druid's feats, meaning that you can't even just use the base stat block of the creature.

I also like to inject lore about my character into the games I play, so having an interesting in-game way of doing that without creating tons of work for the DM would be great. 

Furthermore, I have paid for a few of the source books on Roll20 (Monster Manual, Volo's Guide to Monsters, and Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes), and would like to ensure that I'm making best use of those.  

I'm not certain whether or not I'll have the time to invest into becoming a DM until I retire, but having a background (perhaps "Fable Weaver") that includes tool proficiency Roll20 would definitely help at that point 😃

I wouldn't mind creating a table top game at some point, and a related novel in one medium or another, and invite players to partake in the world.  The webcomic Girl Genius is a source of inspiration for me in that respect.

I have a roll20 game that I use for character generation ideas, so that's probably where I would get the most initial use out of this session.

Appreciate you taking the time to do this.  Cheers!

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50 minutes ago, MadCast: Kal said:

Hello @Kaidamurand @MadCast: Angelix!

Apologies for the delay, work went made 2 weeks ago. 

Would you be looking to go through the session soon? Lemme know and we can arrange a time and day via discord DMs

No worries. 

This Friday works for me, though I can't commit to this weekend at all, as I'm not certain what plans I have yet.  Monday also works, as does the following weekend.

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Thanks for the session tonight Kal, much appreciated.

I think you covered most of the areas that I would need to start GMing, and you alerted me to some options such as importing characters that I didn't even know were an option.  The thorough breakdown on how to set up dynamic lighting was very useful, as was your coverage of the various map layers, conducting group rolls, and the use of API scripts.  I had no idea those scripts existed. 

I'm going to have to play around with my Roll20 core books using the other character sheet I was mentioning, just to see if it will also import information from creatures into that sheet.  If not, I'll probably just have to use the core D&D sheets, or edit a Core sheet to my liking (I find the spell casting and weapon macros built into the core sheet to be a little clunky, compared to what I normally use).  

I'll let you know if I have any questions after I've had a chance to play around with these new tools 😃


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Hey @MadCast: Angelix, thank you for the post! Please do let me know how it goes with regard to the core books as I only have them in hardcopies/PDFs and would be interested in knowing there integration with the VTT.

I think the flow was off as I had part of an agenda penned whereas when I took @MadCast: horsedolphin3through it organically it felt smoother. Will rejig the agenda so it makes more sense when setting up tokens, dynamic lighting etc

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