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MadCast: LizzieJay

Destiny 2 Dungeon Night 9/24/2020

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Hi! I'm going to be hosting a bunch of evening-time dungeon runs between now and November, the first of which will be on Sept 24th starting at 9pm EDT. Dungeons in D2 are part-way between strikes and raids, 3 people teams with some puzzle mechanics.

We'll be doing runs of Shattered Throne (which requires the Forsaken expansion) and Pit of Heresy (which requires Shadowkeep) for Wish-Ender, Izanagi's Burden, and Xenophage. If you could, comment below with which weapon quest or dungeon you'd like to run. If you have these 3 exotics, please consider signing up to help. I am just one person-shaped nerd bean and would love some helpers.

Here are links to some updated guides to help you get to the point where you'll need to run either Shattered Throne or Pit of Heresy (if you're looking to do Izanagi's and need the watcher lenses, or any help at all, feel free to pop into chat the next few nights, we can help get you up to the dungeon point before next week):

Here's the sign-up list, I'll update this as comments come in (and add more spots if we get more people signing up).

  • Shattered Throne
  • Pit of Heresy
    •  (Lizzie - helping out)
    • Suix
    • Qrow
    • NastyTaxi

Don't worry if you can't make it, I'll definitely be doing this again, possibly on Oct 1st or 8th. Also because for Wish-Ender, you do need to do Shattered Throne twice.

Hope to see you then!

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I will be there, but need to figure out which one I can get to best between now and then. Will investigate tonight. 

Edit again: ready for pit

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Doing all the forge stuff ain't happening, so I'm working toward what I need for xenophage any Pit

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