Calling ALL league players! The community needs your input!

Do we still want a weekly League event?  

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  1. 1. Do we still want a weekly League event?

  2. 2. Would be more likely to participate if it had more variety/ summoners rift and not just ARAM/ Mafia?

  3. 3. Would you be able to make it on a different night of the week or different time?

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Hello! As some of you have noticed, I have retired my tags as an admin and am looking forward to a relaxing FM lifestyle. I love mafia and would still be down to host a weekly League of Legends event BUT I can't do so in the current state. There has been a steady decline in participation since June. Lots of core members have moved away from League of Legends to other games, including myself. This means, unlike before, I am not naturally meeting new League players or staying connected with the those currently on my friends list enough to fill the event. We have been playing weekly, rain or shine, 5 players or less we play arams, 6 or more we can do Mafia. I'm not going to continue to run it without community interest. I am not interested in reaching outside of the community just to fill slots. I want MadCasters. 

If we do want to continue a weekly event, we can reshape it to look like what you guys want. One option I have come up with is making the Mafia Don a cycle long title instead of monthly. Doing Mafia every other week and doing summoners rift nights in between. Or just Mafia every other week and not run on the off weeks. Let me know if you would play more if League nights we not only ARAM.

I will note, if you used to play league and currently don't play, you are welcome to do Mafia nights still. A lot of the time these nights lately have been really fun "getting the group back together" nights, where even though none of us main league anymore, we still all get together and are bad together and that's fun too. This is an open invitation to YOU to join me next Wednesday. 

Please help out by letting me know what you want through the poll, leave a comment below, or feel free to DM me (I am open to messages and voice chat and additional brainstorming). I want all the feedback, those who used to play, those who have never played, everyone. I want to know why you don't currently play. You are not going to hurt my feelings. 


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I'd like to thank you for consistently hosting a weekly league event -- it gave and gives me another opportunity to interact with the MadCast community in a game environment I am comfortable with. Mafia is very entertaining to me (as is playing League with friendly people in general), and I'm surprised I hadn't heard about it before coming back. I also admire that you are willing to continue hosting without admin tags -- assuming worthwhile attendance. I appreciate you!

I remember playing lots and lots of unscheduled inhouses back in the day, but this is when MadCast had a much larger League community, and in general. There was also a core set of tilt-resistant personalities present that made games enjoyable, even in the face of a hard loss. I am happy that there are League players here like this, though I believe too few.  Some type of recruitment would be beneficial for at the very least the League community.

I will continue to show up to Mafia whenever possible, but definitely don't want you to feel pressured to host if it's just me and/or one or two others sitting in the lobby. 


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I'm sad there isn't more discussion or input to your thread, Cloud. 

While I don't have as many opportunities to play League with all of you, I do enjoy seeing our events run and our members playing together. I hope you find more participation either through the people we have on hand or even folks in the wild. 

I really appreciate your continued efforts to run these events for our community. 🙂

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I am level 12 in league, and do not play the game (though I enjoy TFT on and off). 

I do however enjoy spectating, and had the privilege to attend the 2018 Worlds quarterfinals in Busan Korea, where I happily picked up a Gentleman Gnar figurine.

While I will not likely join in any games, you can count on me to lurk if you are livestreaming 😃

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21 hours ago, MadCast: Nevard said:

Unfortunately  by the time I started showing up for Mafia it was already on its last legs so I never got to really experience it.  

I'm sure a one-off event could still be arranged and would garner more attention, as unfortunately there are many weekly events right now that people go to or get burnt out on.

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