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MadCast: LizzieJay

The Rivensbane Title

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Here’s how to get the Rivensbane title, the Last Wish raid title.

First thing to note is that some of these might require the usage of the Wish Wall. This is a hidden room within the beginning portion of the raid where you can put in a special code that will give you an emblem, make a secret chest or Corrupted eggs appear, pepper the raid with specific NPC voices, implement a challenge, or teleport you straight to an encounter. Here’s an old video on how to get to the Wish Wall.

As always, you’ll need to complete the Collections badge. This includes all weapons that can drop after completing encounters and opening the secret chests in the raid, a full set of armor that can drop from the raid, the Ghost shell that randomly drops after an encounter, the Sparrow that randomly drops after defeating Morgeth, the ship that comes from the secret chest after the Morgeth encounter, the emblem that comes from completing the raid, and the Exotic weapon One Thousand Voices. One Thousand Voices has a 10% chance of dropping upon completion of the raid and opening up one of the chests, going up to a 50% chance after approximately 20 clears. (Because of the Wish Wall, it is possible to just do the final encounters in order to farm for this weapon, but you can only open 3 chests per week.) There’s also a shader, this can be found randomly on raid weapons and armor and I think definitely on any curated weapon drop. Don’t just dismantle something for the shader if it’s the only one you have or if it’s a good rolled weapon or armor piece. This can wait until you get an extra you can dismantle.

There are 15 triumphs you’ll need to complete, some easy, some more difficult. For the easy ones that anyone can get, here you go. First, you’ll need to complete the raid. Fairly simple. You’ll need to make 10 wishes in the raid. You can absolutely go into the raid solo, head for the Wish Wall, and plug in a bunch of different codes, providing you have the ammo for it. Then you can leave, reset your checkpoint progress, and return and put in more codes. There are 14 wishes in total, here’s a link to a list of them. You’ll need to plant 5 raid banners in the raid. These can be bought from Hawthorne in the Tower, from Petra Venj in the Dreaming City, or received when levelling up your Season Pass. This will happen as you play, if you’re desperate to get this over with, tell your fireteam that you want to be the one to plant raid banners.

You’ll need to loot hidden chests 10 times in the raid. There’s a way to do this fairly quickly and solo without having to fight any enemies, it involves going to the Wish Wall and inputting 1 of 2 codes. Here’s a good video discussing how to do it. This is an easy way to get raid armor and weapons that will be end game viable for the next at least a year (raid loot has been given an extended sunsetting timer). This is also how you get Taken-themed armor mods, which are very handy when facing off against Taken enemies. Best to get a friend to help and get the secret chests on all of your characters.

You’ll need to complete the raid with a full team of clanmates. I’m not sure if all 5 other fireteam members need to be with clanmates, but better safe than sorry. Check the Events tab here in the forums to see when the next Last Wish raid is, or if one isn’t scheduled, maybe post over in the Discord that you’d like to run Last Wish.

4 separate triumphs require you to complete the raid with an entire fireteam of Solar subclasses, Void subclasses, Arc subclasses, and the same Guardian class (meaning all 6 Hunters, Titans, or Warlocks). Coordinate with your fireteam in orbit beforehand on which one you want to do.

The remaining 6 triumphs all involve completing a challenge. Reminder that you’ll need to pick up the bounty from Hawthorne in the Tower before doing the challenges, they rotate 1 available per week. You’ll need to complete the Coliseum Champion challenge in which you cannot be hit by Shuro Chi’s arc blast during her encounter. This can be tricky, there’s no way to predict where she’s going to fire her attack. You’ll need to complete the Summoning Ritual challenge, this happens during the Kalli encounter. Everyone needs to get all the plates in order to spawn in some ogres and defeat them before defeating Kalli. If you need to two-phase Kalli, that’s fine. You’ll need to complete the Strength of Memory challenge where you can only shoot one of Riven’s eyes per person during the fight against Riven of a Thousand Voices. (I’m putting this note in brackets because there is a cheese way to defeat Riven which makes completing this challenge very simple.) You’ll need to complete the Keep Out challenge. During the Vault encounter there will be some large Taken Knights named Might of Riven that spawn in at the back of the three offset rooms. You need to kill those knights before they pass through the black Taken wall into the middle of the room. You’ll need the Forever Fight challenge. During the Morgeth fight you cannot defeat the ogres that appear, only Morgeth. Leave the smol bois, only kill big boi.

Last is you’ll need to complete the Petra’s Run version of the raid. This means a flawless run of the raid. First, right after you load in, you’ll need to put Wish 3 into the Wish Wall. This adds the Extinguish modifier, so if anyone at any point dies, the entire fireteam is returned to orbit and you’ll have to start the raid over from the beginning. A bunch of MadCasters recently (at the time of me typing this up) did this during a raid night. Remember to stay calm during the encounters, remember that the pulling forward mechanic doesn’t count as a death, and remember that if you think you’re about to die you can always hit Alt+F4 to quickly disconnect and not ruin everyone else’s flawless run. I believe that if you do this you can rejoin them, but still remember to not die.

And that’s the Rivensbane title. Here’s the guide video.


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