MadCast: Kitty Stark

Outstanding Full Member - Cycle XXXVI

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MadCast as a community exists primarily to serve its members, but there are also Full Members who have given back and worked to contribute their efforts for the benefit of all. The administration team would like to recognize those who went above and beyond during this past cycle, and especially the most Outstanding Full Member, @MadCast: AngleOfDeath.

Since the moment they became a Full Member Angle has been personally running game servers for MadCast players, adapting to requests for mods or different games over time. Angle is not one to hold the spotlight for long, but their generous work has been noticed and appreciated. Congratulations to AngleOfDeath, and thank you for being so outstanding!

The admin team also wants to acknowledge the other candidates for this cycle, which were @MadCast: majorhoward and @MadCast: Suix.

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I would like to add that since there appeared to be frequent confusion on Discord whenever AngleofDeath and I shared a channel, that I am at least partially responsible for his success this cycle ;) 

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