MadCast: Kitty Stark

Outstanding Ranking Full Member - Cycle XXXVI

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The SFMs are always grateful for anyone that shows interest in becoming an RFM and volunteering so much of their time to the community. Whether their efforts are for a specific game or more for general interests, the RFMs are the building blocks of the admin team. With the cycle now ending, we would like to congratulate @MadCast: Qrow for being awarded Outstanding Ranking Full Member. 

Qrow has worked far beyond what he has been expected to do and I personally don’t think I would have completed the Awards system rework for at least another year without his help. He taught himself how to use a new graphics program and created over a hundred renditions of redesigns. He has also been helping me with documenting all of the awards our current members have or should have, and the huge project of recording every single MadCast member ever on a massive timeline. Though he doesn’t usually dominate the room, his efforts in the background are greatly appreciated and benefit every member of MadCast.

Congratulations Qrow! 

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