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MadCast: Kal

Intro to DnD 5e (And using Roll20 as a Player)

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If you want to play DnD 5e, take part in the MCAL but  don't know where to start and want a chill place to learn then this post is for YOU.

I will be running a 3 session course to get you up to speed. The sessions will range from 1-2hrs and I will run the course whenever we have at least 2 people!

Please post below if you are interested, we will use DIscord, Roll20 and I will share my screen at points.

Session 1

  • Session 0 - Why, what and how etc
  • Safety tools
  • DnD basic concepts (class, multi-class, races(issues with races), leveling, feats)
  • RP
  • Combat

Session 2 

  • Character creation (and how to do it in Roll20)
  • How to setup a Roll20 character sheet to work with homebrew classes 
  • Setup and use global modifiers, setup quick key macros etc

Session 3

  • 2 hour starter session


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