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Destiny 2 Discord Bot

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Hi there!

Thanks to the work of Epic and Jiggles, we now have the Destiny 2 bot Charlemagne enabled in the Destiny 2 channel. This means access to all the stats and info that Charlemagne tracks. Loadouts, vendor offerings, PvP meta weapons. All the fun stuff.

In order to keep things organized and not cluttered, the bot is in its own separate text channel in Discord. Put all the command prompts there instead of in the main text channel.

In order to use it, if you haven’t yet registered with the bot in another server, head over to the Destiny 2 bot text channel in the Discord and type !register (I'm bolding the commands for effect in the post, you don't have to do the same). You’ll be sent a DM asking you to link the bot with your Steam account. A confirm message will pop up in the Destiny channel that will say “[your Discord name]: Successfully synced.” When you see that, you’ll be able to type in a number of commands that will pull from your account and stats.

(Just a quick note that when you put in commands, everyone who can and will read the channel will see what the bot posts. The only DM you should get from the bot is the first one asking you to sync your account.)

For example, if you’ve successfully registered and then type !pvp, the bot will proceed to list your PvP stats. Your overall kills/deaths, your kills+assists/deaths, your overall win percentage, your best weapon type, your most kills in a game, your longest kill spree, your overall Crucible time, your current season Glory (Survival) score, and your current season Valor score and number of resets.

Here is the list of commands you can use. You can also find these if you put !help into the bot channel, the bot will DM you all commands that are available for you to use. There are some I asked to be enabled that will automatically post, those are the !weekly and !spider commands. This means that every week just after reset there’ll be a post saying what’s up for the week and every day (sometimes twice a day because the Spider can be like that) just after reset there’ll be a post saying what the Spider is selling for the day. The weekly post will include things like the Flashpoint, the weekly strike playlist singe, the location of the Ascendant Challenge and what curse week it is, what the rotating Crucible playlists are, what weapons are available from Escalation Protocol and Altars of Sorrow, all the weekly raid challenges, and what the order is when running the Leviathan raid. This will probably change once Beyond Light comes out, but currently, this is what it will say. Here’s what this week's weekly rotation auto-post looks like:


Two things I suggest you check out while checking out the Destiny bot are 1) the website and 2) the Charlemagne Discord server. The website isn’t the most intuitive, it’s like a website just for stats, but there are callout maps of all the Crucible maps and some other good info. There’s also the Getting Started article which is a good read. The Charlemagne Discord server essentially functions like the bot does, it’s just a separate server. There’s a channel for vendor engrams, for personal stats, for LFGs and events, bugs and their help desk. A whole bunch of good stuff. But again, we have the bot now so we’ll get all this info. It’s also a good follow for any outage notifications or bugs that happen to arise.

If you have any questions about the bot, you’re welcome to check out the links I’ve posted above or ask them here or in Discord. I’ll try and get them answered as soon as possible.

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