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Preseason 11 - What you need to know

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There are a number of important changes coming in the preseason patch (currently coming to the PBE and subject to change.)

Riot's plans/goals for preseason 2021:

Summary of balance changes:

Thorough explanation of upcoming champion + rune changes: 


TL;DR/TL;DW: Critical strike chance nerf/rework + char adjustments to correctly interact with new values, extensive item shop overhaul with new legendary and mythic items, lots of base mana and mana per level buffs, halloween skins, some rune changes w/ a new "legend" rune

* Katarina's ult now does split damage and her passive, E and ult apply on-hit effects

* Viktor's hexcore has been removed, and he instead gets an "evolution point" (used to upgrade an ability and grant him bonus ap) after completing a mythic item

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