MILK: A Scientific Survey

Scientific Flavored-Milk Preference Poll  

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  1. 1. What flavor of milk do you most prefer?

    • Chocolate Milk
    • Strawberry Milk
    • Banana Milk
    • Caramel Milk
    • Cherry Milk
    • Plain boring milk, always and forever

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Hello yes I've been certified by The Association of Milk-based Product Enthusiasts to conduct this very important survey to help them with their research. This is not at all meant to gather tactical information to ease the process of forming alliances behind the scenes with like-minded milk flavorers. It is also irrelevant as to what method you use to obtain your flavored milk, be it an organic chemistry set at your domicile or simply purchasing pre-flavored milks from people that you trust to know what they're doing. Be it cows milk, almond, coconut, goat, or otherwise, what is your favorite flavor of milk?

Answer the question.

 milk GIF

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My favourite milk is not represented, though it is a little hard ot get one's hands upon, the Croatian island of Pag produces magnificent sheep's milk, though most of it is made into similarly magnificent cheese, and you can only really get the milk on the island.

gourmands unite!

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