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Blades in the Dark - Vigilante Crew Names

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This is a thread for crew name suggestions for our Vigilante Crew.

What are we?

We are... Mysterious vigilantes who prefer to terrorize our foes, and who live within a secret lair hidden inside a Leviathan Hunter shipwreck / floating shanty town.

Who are we?

My Preferred Names:

We're the Gallows 
We're Gallow's Kiss
We're the Shattered Shine - Dark Tower reference + alliteration + it also refers to the shattered sun
We're Kraken's End - Subtle reference to our Lair, the Leviathan Hunter ship Blood Tide + a symbol of our struggle against great evil
We're the Misfits of the Murk
We're Sangnarok - Sang means "blood" in French, and Sangnarok is the name of Alicevil's mother's Leviathan Hunter Ship (ie. Bloody Apocalypse)
We're the Mistcloaks
We're the Murkcloaks
We're the Calm Before

Miscellaneous Names:

We're Devil's Doom
We're Keeper's Toll
We're the Razorfins
We're Siren's Breath
We're the Broken Crows
We're Last Gasp
We're the Sea Shades
We're the Sundered Souls
We're the Tangletown Toughs (Tamorex suggested this)
We're the Stoneguards
We're Mental

Please add your own suggestions below, or comment on these.

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