Blizzard Banning Multiboxing

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Blizzard has finally decided that utilizing input broadcasting software in multiple game clients (commonly known as multiboxing) promotes botting and automated gameplay, and is becoming an actionable offense in the interests of the health of the game and community.

I'll be the first to voice that I've always felt that multiboxing was a form of cheating and/or playing dirty, and don't understand why Blizzard allowed it for so long other than for the increased revenue from multiple account subscriptions. 


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Bots > Multiboxers. Bots are the issue in classic. Yes, multiboxers suck but a lesser evil. I am interested to see how this shapes the landscape for TBC classic. I agree with the change but as someone who multiboxed in legion to try and get BIS lego's early on, it was a necessary evil (Understand this is not a normal scenario for what people use Multiboxing for).

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