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The Splintered Title

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Here’s a not-so-quick rundown on how to get Splintered, the title for the Beyond Light campaign. (I've bolded specific things you need to obtain and the overall requirement for completing a triumph in order to make it read easier. This guide is very text-heavy.)

First, like usual, you’ll need to complete the Collections badge. Here’s a picture of my current progress on my Warlock, yours will vary (this is from the website, if you’re interested, it’s very handy):


Here’s the breakdown:

  • The Crystocrene armor set is obtained first from finding and unlocking the Stasis chest and doing the quests from Variks for each of the 5 pieces. (Keep 1 of each piece as you play the game, you will need a full set for some of Variks’ tier 3 sabotage missions.)
  • The 8 Europa weapons are obtained from Variks during the campaign, from doing Empire Hunts post-campaign, from the Exo Stranger, and from weapon quests after you unlock them by doing Variks’ sabotage missions.
  • The Salvation’s Grip exotic grenade launcher is obtained via a quest you pick up from the Drifter after you’ve completed the campaign.
  • The Lament exotic sword is obtained via a quest you pick up from Banshee-44 in the Tower. This was unlocked after the new raid was completed, I’m guessing you’ll have to complete the campaign as well before picking it up.
  • The Cloudstrike exotic sniper is obtained via running a chosen difficulty of the weekly Empire Hunt, which isn’t available until you complete certain sabotage missions from Variks. It’s just the final boss mission of the Empire Hunts you pick up from Variks, keep running it until it drops. I don’t believe difficulty matters, it seems to be a rare drop for all options.
  • The Last Flight Home ship is obtained via triumph, you’ll need a Europa-focused Triumph score of 1400. Keep on doing things on Europa, you’ll get there. Check the Europa section on the main Triumphs page, see what you’re close to finishing.
  • The Bright Warning shader comes from finding all 9 dead Exos.
  • The Shattered Sky shader comes from finding all 9 penguin statues.
  • The Gilded Smoke shader comes from generating 250 orbs in Empire hunts (both quests from Variks and the selected difficulty ones count for this, keep popping that Super).
  • The Europan Eclipse emblem is obtained via triumph. In a fireteam of 3, you’ll need to defeat 100 total Champions in Empire Hunts. You can do this when farming for Cloudstrike, just make sure you do some damage to each Champion that appears.
  • The Salvation’s Downfall emblem is obtained via triumph. You’ll need to defeat 1000 total enemies in the Europan Eclipsed Zone with your Stasis subclass equipped. Again, just with your Stasis subclass equipped, this doesn’t mean Stasis ability kills, weapon kills will absolutely count for this.

Now for the triumphs. You’ll need to complete an Empire Hunt on Master difficulty. It doesn’t matter which one, it doesn’t matter if you die, you just need to complete it. You’ll need to complete a Master Lost Sector on Europa without a fireteam, which means on your own. The enemies in these are set at 1280 power, there are many damage modifiers and champion enemies. There’s no rush to do this early in the season, just keep playing the game and raising your power level, by the end of the season this should be fairly easy. There will be loads of video guides with loadout suggestions.

You’ll need to complete all Tier 3 Sabotage quests from Variks and complete all Born in Darkness quests from the Stranger. There’s a lot to do post-campaign on Europa, a lot of doing Empire Hunts and clearing Lost Sectors and killing enemies. Stick with it, as you do these you’ll probably get things done for other triumphs. Continue to play on Europa and stock up on Herealways Pieces.

You’ll need to complete the Fallen Brig Brigade triumph which means, as a fireteam, defeat 50 total Fallen Brigs as part of the Crux Convergence public event. How the public event works is you’ll see the darkness shard spawn in, 3 Fallen Brigs will land, and you’ll head over to each of the 3 smaller darkness shards as they spawn in one by one. You’ll need to shoot the little scanner drones that fly around the top of the shard, stand in the timed circle until it finishes, then at least do some damage to the Brig whose shield has been removed by the timer completion. Then rinse and repeat 2 more times. If you shoot the drones away fast enough, you’ll trigger the heroic public event which spawns in a larger Fallen Brig. Again, at least get some damage in before it’s destroyed. You can defeat 4 Brigs total from the heroic version of the public event.

You’ll need to complete all 3 of the Exo Challenges, Simulation: Safeguard, Simulation: Survival, and Simulation: Agility. Unlocked by the completion of the raid, these are little missions given to you by the Clovis Bray AI. It looks like they rotate weekly, you can do them solo, with a friend, or a pre-made fireteam of 3 (there’s no matchmaking enabled).

Then comes 3 collectable-related triumphs. You’ll need to find all 9 Entropic Shards on Europa (video guide), all 9 Penguin statues (video guide), and all 9 dead Exos (video guide). As part of the Aspect of Control quest, you needed to find and ‘break’ 5 Entropic Shards with Salvation’s Grip, the stasis grenade launcher. You’ll need to find the other 4 to complete this triumph, some are open world and some are a little hidden. Try and keep track of which ones you’ve already found. The penguin statues are a simple find and pick up collectable. There is a room next to Variks with a large circular door, they go in there. Around the room will be pieces of paper telling you where to go to find the penguin. Some will have a little puzzle to figure out or enemies to defeat. They seem to be revealed weekly, all should be up the week of January 5th. The dead Exos are simply, and a little morbidly, dead Exo bodies found around Europa. You needed to find 3 of them at the start of the quest for The Lament. Again, some are open world, some are hidden, and there’s 1 in each Lost Sector.

Finally, you’ll need to complete all 8 Augment triumphs which are consolidated into 1 overall completion triumph. Once a week from Variks you can pick up a consumable item called a Braytech Transponder for 50 Herealways Pieces. The effect applies immediately and will last for 7 days (yes, really). To use it, head to the Eclipsed Zone of the week and wait for a Techno Squad Leader boss with the yellow Scanner role/effect/augment above their head. Waves of ads will appear until you kill this boss. You then pick up the Scanner augment and on the left-hand side of your screen you’ll get a pop-up that says “Scanner (location you need to go to) x3.” You’ll then head to the location displayed in the pop-up and look for groups of 4 little scanner drones. You’ll need to shoot them in a certain order, the order is determined by which one is highlighted in yellow, visible with the Scanner augment. After shooting the group of 4 drones, you’ll hack a nearby terminal. Then you'll do it a second and third time. Once you complete it, you’ll lose your 7 day long effect that makes you able to pick up the Scanner augment. There are 8 total locations in which to do this, I think they’re on a rotation based on the weekly rotation of the Europan Eclipsed Zone. Here’s a video of all 8 locations.

And that’s it! There are no secret triumphs that I’ve seen, but you never know so it’s possible there might be a couple more in the future. I think it’s a good mix of collectables, tasks, play the game things, playing with friends things. Stop by the Discord if you’re having any trouble with this, we can help you out, get things sorted. And good luck!

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