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Here’s how to get Warden, the Season 12/Season of the Hunt-specific title. This title will continue to be available to obtain after the season ends on February 9, 2021. This title is tied to Season 12's season pass paid tier, which is $10 USD.

In order to do any seasonal content, you will need access to the Tangled Shore and the Moon. If you haven’t done either of the Forsaken or Shadowkeep campaigns, you’ll have to complete the first missions of each, they are available for all players. Then you’ll need to complete the Trail of the Hunted quest on the Moon.

First, you’ll need to acquire upgrades for your cryptolith Lure. This is done by increasing your reputation with the Crow at the Tangled Shore, turning in Recon Data. Recon Data is available at level 2 and 12 of the paid Season Pass and from certain Wrathborn Hunts (the rewards rotate every time you complete one, check all 4 to see if you need some). At reputation rank 1 and 6 with the Crow you'll increase how much Recon Data you get from completing Wrathborn hunts. Also, at level 32 and 72 of the paid Season Pass, you’ll get more Recon Data again when doing Wrathborn Hunts. There are currently 10 levels, it takes 20 Recon Data to level up once. As of Dec 17, you can only complete 6 out of 7 lure upgrades, according to triumph progress.

You’ll need to defeat all 4 bosses, 2 Fallen and 2 Hive, in a Tier 2 Wrathborn Hunt. This is done by picking the boss in the first slot on your Lure, putting a Dormant mod in your second slot, and putting a one time use mod of your choice in the third slot. The power level requirement for Tier 2 is 1220, maybe take a friend if you’re a little under, but they can be done solo. If you're doing this with friends, remember to damage the final boss in order to get credit.

You’ll need to defeat 100 total Fallen and Hive enemies in a Wrathborn Hunt while wearing a set of the seasonal/Season Pass armor. Wearing more pieces will grant more progress. You get Wild Hunt armor (the name of each piece) from the Season Pass and from doing Wrathborn Hunts. A good tip is to charge up your Lure with 5 full charges, put on a full set of the seasonal armor, do 5 Tier 1 hunts. Then do it all over again.

Next you’ll need to defeat enemies with the new seasonal and season pass weapons. These can be done anywhere. Strikes, Gambit, Crucible. Doing campaign missions, farming Lost Sectors. It’s up to you. You’ll need 400 kills with the Friction Fire submachine gun, 200 kills with the Deafening Whisper grenade launcher, and 100 kills with the Corsair’s Wrath linear fusion rifle. These weapons are obtained from Wrathborn Hunts. You’ll also need 400 kills with the Royal Chase scout rifle and 200 kills with the Battle Battue heavy grenade launcher. These are from level 30 and 45 of the free path of the Season Pass, and I think once you pick them up you can also get them from Wrathborn Hunts.

You’ll also need some specific types of weapon kills. You’ll need 200 close range kills with the Friction Fire SMG, 50 rapid defeats with the Deafening Whisper grenade launcher, and 50 precision final blows with the Corsair’s Wrath linear fusion rifle.

Next, you’ll need to complete the exotic quest “Let Loose Thy Talons.” This quest will give you Hawkmoon, the exotic hand cannon. Here’s a video guide. When you reach the step that wants Champions or Guardians defeated, what I did was run that day’s Legend Lost Sector over and over. Champions give you 3% progress versus a Guardian’s 1%. You could also, if you still are looking for Cloudstrike, run Empire Hunts, or run Nightfalls.

The remaining triumphs are currently unknown. I'll update this guide once I know what they are.

And that’s it. Some are fairly straightforward, some take some grinding. No collections badge this time around. I think it’s fairly doable if you continue to play the game overall and the seasonal content. Especially when this guide is first going out, getting these enemy and specialized weapon kills will hopefully get you some needed Dawning cookie ingredients.

Edit January 5 2021: Released today, Jan 5, is the final lure upgrade to be purchased from the Crow, allowing completion of the acquire all lure upgrades triumph. This allows you to hunt down the High Celebrant on the Dreaming City. Also available is the Wrathender triumph, complete the Coup de Grace mission. There are still 2 unknown triumphs.

Edit January 22 2021: The final 2 triumphs are available. First, you'll need to complete the activity Harbinger. This is available by going to Trostland in the EDZ and finding the little hidey hole and the mission start prompt. Here's a video from AbbyHour showing you where it starts and the beginning jumping part of the mission. This is similar to The Whisper and Zero Hour missions but it isn't timed. After you do it once, the mission can be selected from the EDZ map, there will be a mission banner inbetween the Gulch and the Sludge. Second, you'll need to complete the activity Harbinger while in a fireteam with 2 other Guardians where you all have Hawkmoon equipped. I'm not sure if you need to have it on for the whole mission or just when it ends, but might as well play it safe and run it the whole time.

And that's it! Enjoy your new title. Feel free to ask questions if you're confused or need some help.

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Final unreleased triumphs unlocked
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