Opinions on Weighted Blankets?

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My sister-in-law got a weighted blanket for Christmas and seems to really enjoy it. I sat with it on my lap for an hour or so and it did feel nice but I'm not sure if I'd still like it when laying down. I've also heard that they can help with anxiety and panic attacks but I don't have any concrete advice either way. When I started shopping online I was a bit surprised at the higher cost of most blankets, although I did find some for about $50USD on Amazon.

So! Have you or someone you know ever used a weighted blanket? What did you think? Is it worth the price point or should I wait for a sale to happen somewhere? Is your blanket machine-washable, or if not is it easy to spot clean?

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they are nice, no solid evidence to support it helps with anxiety though. as far as determining if its able to be washed you would have to check the individual item and read its suggestion's. every blanket is different.


if you are on the fence of buying one, my answer is yes!

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On 1/3/2021 at 7:13 PM, MadCast: horsedolphin3 said:

They are really heavy though.

11 hours ago, MadCast: Kal said:

I liked it and had the 15lbs one

Good points, I think if I get one it will be either 10 or 12 lbs to make sure it doesn't irritate my bad joints

6 hours ago, MadCast: doublestufforeo said:

If you get one, highly recommend getting the $30 cover for it as well as the blanket itself is a pain to wash sometimes. 

I was noticing that some of the more expensive ones include both a plush cover and cooler cotton cover, glad to know they work well and are worth buying vs trying to clean the blanket directly.


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Aleight thanks for all the advice everyone :kitty: I placed an order for one on Amazon that has a plush cover and a bamboo cover but it won't be delivered for a couple of weeks. I'll update after I get to try it for a few days!

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Ok so I've had the weighted blanket for about 3 weeks now and it has had a significant impact. For the first week or so I would wake up a little sore or feeling stiff from the additional weight, but at this point I'm more accustomed to it and no longer have pains. It's not quite long enough to cover past my toes and all the way up to my neck, but it's also a lot warmer that our normal comforter and so leaving my shoulders uncovered helps balance it out. The cover is really nice and soft and I'm surprised at how little static electricity it builds up compared to a sweater or something. It helps me lie still at night and helps me feel like I'm getting a hug once I get all warm and snuggled in, and now my husband is considering trying one as well. I weigh about 120 pounds and use a 10-pound blanket, and while I think I could comfortably use something a little heavier, I also am glad I started small so the acclimatization was much shorter.

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