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Hi everyone! 

As some of you have already noticed, we have a new game bot on the server - Poketwo! 

For those who may not have had experience with a bot such as this, it is actually pretty simple and we would love for you to try it out!  To put it simply, the way the bot works is people chat in the server, chat activity creates pokemon spawns (which will only appear in #pokemanz), and then you catch the pokemon by typing < pcatch [name] >. Once you have a few pokemon, you can level, evolve, trade, and battle your Pokemon! 

What if I don’t really know any Pokemon?”  That’s totally okay!  We have a good number of people on the server who are well versed in Pokemon names (and other info) that would be more than willing to help you learn!  

Getting Started: 

To get started with the Poketwo bot, simply type < pstart > in the  #pokemanz channel.  The bot will then prompt you to select a starter.  To do so, enter < ppick [pokemon] >! Then - awwww heck - you’re ready to go! 

Once you have your starter, you are free to catch any spawns that appear in the #pokemanz channel! 


Other Basic Commands: 

Format: shorthand - meaning - what it does 

  • pc - pcatch - catch the most recent spawn
  • pi/ pi [number]/ pi l - pinfo / pinfo [number] / pinfo latest - view level, name, XP, Nature, and stats of a Pokemon you own. 
  • pd [name] - pdex [name] - view the Pokedex information of a specific Pokemon.
    • *Tip: You can also use this to find spellings of evolutions you may not know! (Ex: If you know what Snivy is, but a Serperior spawns, you can do < pd Snivy > and it will tell you that Serperior is the third evolution).
  • ph - phint - get a hint on how to spell the name of the Pokemon that has most recently spawned. 
  • pp - ppokemon - view a list of pokemon you currently own
  • pt - ptrade @[user] - trade pokemon with someone
  • pnick - pnickname - give your pokemon a nickname
  • pnick [#] reset - pnickname [#] reset - remove your Pokémon's nickname. 
  • pbattle @[user] - battle with someone (Note: This has been a bit buggy with the bot universally.  I will update when this is more functional.) 
  • pshop - view the shop for held items, evolution stones, and much more. 
  • phelp - view a comprehensive list of commands for the bot


Bot Currency:

Poketwo uses pokecoins as currency.  Here are a few commands that deal with pokecoins: 

  • pbal - pbalance - check your current balance of pokecoins
  • pv - pdaily/pvote - Get the vote link or check your voting streak and rewards. Voting gives you lootboxes based on your daily voting streak.
    • popen [normal|great|ultra|master] - open the reward you receive from your daily vote.  (Do < pdaily > again after voting to see what you received.) 
      • Lootboxes drop pokemon and pokecoins (maybe more, but these are the two things I have seen drop from them). 
  • pbuy [item] - buy an item from the shop with pokecoins

* Note: When you catch a new pokemon, you receive 35 Pokecoins. 

Have a Pokemon you really want but just can’t seem to have any luck spawning it?  Check out our Trading Center here:!

Below are the commands you will need for trading:  

  • pt @[user] - ptrade @[user] -  trade pokemon with someone
  • pt a [#] - ptrade add [#] - add the pokemon you wish to trade
  • pt r [#] - ptrade remove [#] - remove a pokemon from trade 
  • pt c - ptrade confirm - accept the proposed trade 
  • pt cancel - ptrade cancel - deny the proposed trade 


This intro really just scratches the surface of all you can do with the bot.  If you have any questions about using the bot or need help with anything, use phelp or feel free to reach out here or through DM. ^^ 

2/9/2021 Edit:  Shorthand added for commands. 
2/10/2021 Edit: Nickname commands added.

Edited by MadCast: Jay
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