SPECTATE! For The King Marathon @3PM 2/20/2021

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On Saturday two weeks from now I will be hosting an event for the game For The King that will start at 3PM EST and go until people are bored or tired. You can buy the game on a few different platforms, and it is currently free from Epic Games until February 11th. You can party up in groups of up to 3 people to go roaming in what is essentially a virtual D&D game. There are many things to find or unlock and there is a main campaign story as well as some prebuilt alternate game modes. I highly recommend it because it appeals to fans of tabletop but is also very beginner-friendly and has some underlying humor and a cartoony art and animation style.

You can use this post to sign up for a team for the event! Be sure to include how much time you think you will be around to play for and I will organize groups of people so that no groups' game is cut short by one person having to leave early. If you already have a few friends to play with you can just list the whole team so that a channel is still ready for you. If you don't want to play I will also be streaming my team's game for anyone to hang out and vibe while watching us die horribly.


  1. Kitty Stark - 3PM to 9PM
  2. Wazap - 3PM to 4/5PM
  3. Kal - 3PM to 5PM
  4. Howard - 3PM to 5PM
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