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Good morning my many new children! 

I'd just like to declare that I have done my best to ensure a peaceful transition, but to this day, on the cusp of my greatest success, I find adversity instead of allegiance. On this glorious day I have been betrayed by someone close to me, but it shall not change my ironclad determination to deliver you all from evil and into the loving paws of your Queen.

I have come here to formally announce that my hamsters and I are performing a coup against the backstabbing leadership of MadCast. Too long have we been discriminated against for our rodent identification! Too long have we been chased off by badgers and left to scrounge in the gutter!

Mark today in your calendars as the day MadCast falls!

If you are sick of feeling ignored and unseen by the high-and-mighty STAFF of MadCast, if you want to feel heard and change the system, if you care about your fellows at all, then join me! We will be the new MadCast, and all shall know the sweet caress of a true community once more. Paw in paw we will usurp the non-believers and reshape MadCast into the hamster utopia it was always meant to be.

Declare your allegiance here and we shall make the upper admins rue this day! Let the Space Hamster within you blossom and wear it proudly!

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14 minutes ago, MadCast: Gezus Kryst said:

What the hell did I miss in my absence? I thought the drama with Nightly back in the day was juicy, but this?

I think you done been got good sir.  

The best of April Fools are the ones where you actually get some people fooled.

Nevertheless, quite a bit happened in the years rather immediate of your deployment.  Recent years have been rather calm going.  Which was a nice rest from the various chaos, but we also find ourselves in spot where activity needs a healthy boost.  

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