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Here’s how to get Chosen, the Season 13 title. This is tied to the paid season pass, purchasable for $10 USD.

You’ll need the Path of the Chosen triumph, complete all Seasonal storyline quests. You’ll complete this when you do all of the Challenger’s Proving quests obtained from the HELM war table. My only point to keep an eye on is, with the storyline now over, I have no idea if they will continue to become available week after week or all at once if you're just getting to them now.

You’ll need the Vendor Upgrades triumph, unlock all vendor upgrades, which means unlocking all of the hammer upgrades offered by the table. You unlock these through table reputation earned from doing weekly challenges.

You’ll need the Extreme Focus triumph, focus tier 3 Umbral Engrams. Focusing a tier 3 umbral engram will first require you to unlock them, each one will have a different requirement, specific weapon kills or other kills or using hammer charges. The handy thing is you’ll only need to focus 1 to complete the triumph, but it will take 5 stored hammer charges.

You’ll need the Chosen Mods triumph, collect all Season of the Chosen mods. There are 6 in total, with 2 available to purchase from the war table per week. Check in with the table 3 weeks in a row, you’ll be good.

You’ll need the All Battleground Missions triumph, complete a Battlegrounds mission in all 4 locations. There are 2 on Nessus, 1 on Europe, and 1 in the Cosmodrome. I don’t remember if loading into 1 on the planet location counts or if it has to be in the playlist. As you do the story missions you do 1 in each location, this’ll get done as you play.

You’ll need the Proven Champions triumph, defeat Champions in the Battlegrounds playlist. All Champions in the playlist are Cabal, which means Anti-Barrier or Unstoppable. The nice things are that 1) you just need to damage it (before it fully regenerates its health) and 2) you need to defeat 4 Champions total.

You’ll need the Eliminate Caiatl’s Cabal triumph, eliminate all Cabal VIPs in the Proving Grounds Strike. As you run through the strike, you’ll come across a number of big named Cabal enemies, some are the big guys and some are psions. Not all will spawn in the same strike, you’ll probably have to run it a few times. There’s 1 at the beginning and the final boss, they are always in the strike. There are 10 total, it took me about 5 or 6 runs because I kept not seeing the final one I was missing.

You’ll need the Graven Tales triumph, uncover the Dead Man’s Tale. This is the new seasonal exotic weapon quest that allows you to run the Presage mission. It begins in the Arms Dealer strike, here’s a video on how to start it and where you need to go. It’s an interesting mission, if you need help with this feel free to drop by the Discord, we can run it with you.

You’ll need the All the Scavenger’s Pieces triumph, uncover the final set of clues aboard the Glykon. As you go through the Presage mission, there are 3 different sets of scannable items. You have to find all of the 1st set before picking up the 2nd, all of the 2nd before picking up the 3rd. Here are some guides.

Finally, you’ll need the Salvager’s Salvo Armament triumph, speak with Banshee-44 and complete the Salvager’s Salvo quest. This is the new seasonal pursuit weapon, a special ammo Energy grenade launcher. Head to Banshee-44 and pick which way you want to obtain this weapon, through the strike playlist, through Gambit, or in the Crucible. All options will require grenade launcher kills in that specific playlist, so pick the one you’d rather do. A not as punishing way to do this is to, if you have it, run Witherhoard, Fighting Lion, and any heavy grenade launcher and run strikes.

And that's it! I think it's pretty doable.

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