Poké-bot Incense Event 4/17/2020 @ 7PM

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First of all thank you to everyone who made the first Incense event so successful! Thanks to the generosity of @MadCast: LizzieJay we will be holding another one this coming Saturday. We will mostly be using the same format and rules as last time, starting with a limit of 10 people participating and using a special role and channel in Discord. I've made some slight alterations to the rules I wrote last time so be sure to read them over. Any infractions will be handled at my discretion and might result in you being removed from the event early or even a ban from future pokemon events. 

  1. When you catch a pokemon you must wait for 2 others to spawn before you can catch again. For example, if you catch Pokemon #1, you cannot catch #2 or #3, but you are allowed to catch #4. This helps to spread the opportunity to other players that may type slowly or have a bad ping.
  2. There is no shiny-hunt or legendary protection. If the players present decide to be courteous that's up to them, but no one is obliged to ignore a pokemon just because someone else at the event is hunting it. This event is a free-for-all!
  3. Keep the chat on-topic and tidy. The event channel is only for catching pokemon and the communication around that. If you want to check pokemon stats or anything else you have to do it in the normal poke-bot channels.

This time there will not be an entry fee to participate, so it is first-come first-serve the day of the event. I will have the voice channel ready ahead of time, and the sooner you're in it the better your chances of participating will be. If you sign up on this post it will give you priority to participate if you're on time and ready to go. If you sign up but don't get into the channel before 7 or are sitting AFK in the voice channel I reserve the right to let someone else more attentive take your place. If we get a full lobby of 10 participants this time I will be doing a pokecoin giveaway!


  1. Kitty Stark
  2. Doublestufforeo
  3. LizzieJay
Edited by MadCast: Kitty Stark
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