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MadCast is first and foremost a gaming community, and we rely heavily on the efforts of the individual to maintain the health of the group. Consider the following ideas for ways that you can directly and positively impact the community;

  • Wear your MadCast tags within your username in games whenever possible
  • Hang out in a voice channel even if you're playing a solo game, and stream it if possible in case others want to watch
  • Promote MadCast in the wild and invite others to share in our community
  • Utilize the game roles feature in Discord to tag others and to get groups together quickly
  • Invite the cool people you meet while gaming to our Discord server
  • Research a Discord bot that you really like and present it to the admin team
  • Encourage your friends to apply for Full Membership
  • Attend as many events as you can and be supportive to whoever is in charge
  • Organize and/or run an event for a widely accessible or free-to-play game
  • Post often on the website forums and be active in the chat channels on Discord
  • Create and/or bump existing recruiting threads we may have abroad
  • Write how-to guides for any of the games you enjoy and share them on the website
  • Write, or share your thoughts on, a gaming-themed article on the website
  • Start hype discussions around an upcoming game you're excited for, or share a fun game that's new to you
  • Interact with Full Member candidates and post in their comment threads
  • Vote in the SFM elections each cycle after evaluating all the candidates
  • Be an exemplary ambassador of the community regardless of what game you're playing
  • Donate if you're capable, as all donations go toward the continuation of MadCast and it’s services.

If you want to continue to seek out and assist in things that benefit our community: please consider volunteering in an official capacity by applying to be an RFM and have a bigger voice in guiding the community.
As Full Members, we all must take responsibility and ownership in this community. This can be done by donating your time or money, or both. We are all in this together and we all have a vested interest in seeing this place succeed.

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