Kraken Beach Scavengers (DnD 5e 'One Shot', 2 sessions)

MadCast: Kal

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Kraken Beach Scavengers is a Fifth Edition adventure for four to five characters. This premade adventure from DMDave includes rules and encounters for three tiers of play, allowing characters with an average party level of 3, 5, or 11 to play through the adventure. The module features maps from Cze and Peku who made maps that I have used for past one shots, and all the Roll20 bells and whistles.

Huzzah! Amadex the Kraken was finally killed by the Dinzer navy. The colossal creature sunk into the south ocean and vanished, carried away by the underwater currents. Months later, Amadex washed up on the shores of a beach hundreds of miles from where it met its fate in Suen’s Clutch. Now, a party of vile scavengers have made its claim on Amadex’s corpse. Recognizing that it won’t be long before the Dinzers arrive and take over the operation, the scavengers are working quickly to remove flesh and vital organs from the creature’s corpse in hope to sell the remains as magical components.

Adventure Hook
While the Dinzer Navy organizes its response, it tasks the characters to travel to—what’s now being referred to—Kraken Beach. Their mission? Get to the beach, stop the scavengers from scavenging, and hold the island until the cavalry arrives.

Things to Know

  1. When: Wednesdays at 930pm EST for 2 hours, session 1 will be Weds 28th July and Weds 4th August.
  2. Where: MadCast Discord Voice and Roll20
  3. What to prepare: A level 3 character
  4. How to Communicate: Group Chat or I will make a temp channel for the week before and the week between sessions to discuss as needed.

For this event I will run the above one shot over 2 sessions of 2 hours each.

The module can be run at 3rd, 5th and 11th levels with different monsters and BBEG for each level though I want to run the first time at 3rd level and if there is interest in it being run again we can revisit what level we will run it at.

As this will be a one-shot we can take as given that all of your characters know each other and are invested in each other's success so feel free to build a party that works for a combat heavy one shot. I would in fact ask that you discuss your character with the other players, please also note that this is a chance for those who want to try the DnD 5e system

I am happy to discuss using homebrew and will stick with the 'rule of cool' over 'rules as written'.

So please post your interest on a first come first serve basis for the dates and times listed, I will have 5 places at the table with one held for a particular potential associate, that said this is open to MadCast Associate+ so feel free to invite a friend that hasn't been introduced to the community.

#1 - Provisionally held for Fitz

#2 - @MadCast: Suix
#3 - @MadCast: FairyPrinxe
#4 - @ThatCake (once he confirms after the date snafu)
#5 - 

Once participants have been confirmed I will provide necessary reach out and links. I can also be available to assist with character creation.

We will not have a Session 0 due to time considerations and as such I will heavily lean on the MadCast CoC. If you have any concerns regarding particular content or anything else please do reach out directly via DM in discord.


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