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So those of us looking forward to release I am sure were a bit saddened with the 1 month delay.  My personal opinion with my hands on from the most recent beta period is that the tiny delay is likely a wise decision.  That being said it's never too early to start conversations and make preparations for that glorious release day.

With that I want to make it known that I plan to play the game and it will likely become 1 of my 2 primary games for the foreseeable future.  (BF2042 being my other primary)  With this knowledge I see total merit in the creation of a MadCast company within the New World game.  (For those unaware, a Company is the term for what is equal to a guild in most MMORPGs)

I would love to assemble all those who already plan to play the game into said group.  Playing these types of games alongside people is exponentially more enjoyable than solo, and likely the best experience if played with my fellow MadCasters.

Discussions of Faction selection and server location, cluster, and named can be had in the coming weeks.  I just wanted to make sure that it was made known my intention to play the game as well as form an actual MadCast company within the game.  

While our communal comfort and enjoyment of the game is of course a priority I also plan to an utilize this as a means to attract some new chill and likeminded folks to our gaming family and corner of the gaming interwebs.

Some details on the game and it's cost can be found here:  https://store.steampowered.com/app/1063730/New_World/

and here:  https://www.newworld.com/en-us

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