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Champion: Graves, The Outlaw

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Champion Sneak Peek:



Mechanics Preview:

We wanted to take this opportunity to preview some of the gameplay on our newest ranged DPS champion: Graves, the Outlaw.

This rough-and-tumble gunman uses a massive, hextech double-barreled shotgun to rain down death from a distance and punish any foolish varmints that get too close. For example, Buckshot shoots three quick shrapnel bursts in a cone in front of him. Unlike other multi-missile spells, however, all three Buckshot rounds can all hit the same target (although each individual projectile will deal slightly reduced damage).

Graves is also able to make it uncomfortable for foes to fight at his optimal range by throwing out Smoke Screen to limit enemy vision and slow them in an area, while Quick Draw lets him dash in for a quick shotgun blast or escape danger as needed. In this way he can control his positioning to set up maximum damage Buckshots.

Finally, Graves can use Collateral Damage to unleash a skill shot that nukes the first target it hits, spreading a cone of damage behind its target to hit anybody yellow enough to hide behind the tanks. While the single-target use is simple, properly utilizing the cone is what will separate the good Graves players from the great ones.

Our goal with Graves was to make a ranged DPS that had some incentive to get up close or make enemies think twice before getting in your face. While it’s completely possible to play Graves as a standard max-range carry, this dichotomy makes for skill differential without adding a high barrier to entry (or any hefty, paragraph-long tooltips). Whether trying to maximize the close-up damage of Buckshot, or setting up the 1-2 punch of Collateral Damage, we’re excited to add a champion with true grit to the ranged DPS lineup.

Art Spotlight:

Champion Approaches:



  • Buckshot: Graves fires three bullets in a cone damaging all enemies in the projectiles path. Enemies at close range can be hit by multiple projectiles, but each one beyond the first will deal reduced damage.

  • Smokescreen: Graves fires a smoke canister at the target area that deals damage and creates a cloud of smoke. Enemies inside the smoke cloud have reduced sight range and movement speed.

  • Quickdraw: Graves dashes forward gaining an attack speed boost for several seconds. Attacking enemies lowers the cooldown of this skill.

  • Collateral Damage (Ultimate): Graves fires an explosive shell dealing heavy damage to the first target it hits. After hitting a champion or reaching the end of its range the shell explodes dealing damage in a cone behind the target.

  • True Grit (Passive): Graves gains increasing armor and magic resistance the longer he remains in combat.

League Judgment:


Champion Spotlight:

Edited by MadCast: Eternia

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This comes dangerously close to some of the mechanics William and I put together for a champion concept we tossed out on the forums.


What? Riot taking a Champion concept fromtheir forums? They haven't done that before! /sarcasm. Sucks man, seriously though it's bound to happen to someone and putting it out there gives the chance.

Also I want a link to read from for comparison.

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Flint, the Drifting Gunslinger

Passive: A Fistful of Dollars

Every foo minions killed increases the bounty gained from killing minions, up to a max of +5 gold received.

Q: Desperado

Flint switches weapons in a destructive flourish. When switching from ranged to melee, Flint swings his knife around him, dealing foo(+ad) damage and slowing enemies by foo% for foo seconds in a small radius in front of him. When switching from melee to ranged, Flint quickly draws out his revolver and fires a shot at the closest enemy (prioritizes Champions) enemy, dealing foo(+ad) damage.

W: Hang ‘em High

Flint tosses a lasso. If it hits an enemy, it reduces their movement speed by foo% for foo seconds. If Flint gets within melee range of the lassoed enemy that’s affected by the Lassoed debuff, he hogties the enemy, dealing foo (+ad) damage and snaring them for foo seconds.

E: Tombstone

Flint lights and tosses a stick of dynamite. The dynamite explodes immediately on direct impact with an enemy, but bounces and has its explosion delayed by foo seconds if no enemy is hit. The explosion does foo (+ad) damage in a foo range.

R: The Quick and the Dead

Flint loads and spins his revolver, firing a shot towards where the mouse cursor is pointing each time R is pressed, up to six times, dealing foo (+ad) damage to whatever the bullet connects with. If the first five bullets successfully connect, the sixth bullet does a bonus foo (+ad) damage if it connects.

Note the values are left as a nonsense word, "foo". This was put in by my bro, apparently a common usage in the design process.

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Looks like Twisted Fate is in....

....Grave danger!


I busted out laughing from this. Not gonna lie. LOL

On another note, if you read the forums when Yorick came out, a week before they released not only his mechanics but his general sneak peek, there was a champion suggestion with the exact same name and very similar skills working around the ghouls. ;P So they do take ideas.

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I'm likewise very excited to try this champ out, looks like a blast to play!

unintentional puns are unintentional...

Thanks for compiling the concept art etc...

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