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11 hours ago, MadCast: Scooba said:

Their pandemic inspired release "Is Everybody Going Crazy" is super catchy and I often times wake up with it in my head.

Agreed. I'm a huge fan of Impossible as well. 


10 hours ago, MadCast: LizzieJay said:


I love me some blue stones. I'm a big fan of their leading song 'Black Holes (Solid Ground)', and their new single 'Let it Ride'. Right in there with bands like Royal Tusk (Edmonton baby) and Royal Blood: they scratch the same itch for me. 

I'm a pretty devout cultist for the singer Casey Crescenzo, known for layered tracks with  heavy lyrics. He started a side project with a bandmate in the form of Honorary Astronaut, so that's my other geek out at the moment. 


Some of the album is fun and upbeat, some of it is a bit melancholy. Meta lyrics on making music, his career, life, and how his music never made it to where he wanted it to. 

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Ahhh! This video/song is amazing by The Longest Johns.

It's a Sea Shanty song, but with a ton of community voices. I just love watching it and looking at all the people. It's kinda cool. These are definitely trying times and it's a nice reminder that while a lot of things can be statistics or numbers, we're all humans with our own lives in this big community and all connected in ways we may never even know!

Anyway, I've watched it like 5 times and thought I'd share it ;)



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