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8 minutes ago, MadCast: JigglesTheFett said:

I would like to nominate @MadCast: Support Welfare For a fellowship commendation for the work he put into hand crafting dice trays for the Living D&D DMs. The DMs should be receiving said items within the next few days and the whole concept is just amazing.

Support has been given the gold fellowship commendation. 

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48 minutes ago, MadCast: horsedolphin3 said:

Wait what are we getting rewards for?

On 8/19/2020 at 9:40 PM, MadCast: Kal said:

@MadCast: Qrow Nominating the following for Old School Student for attendance of the Frostgauntlet One Shot I ran on August 6th:

Also in attendance were:

  • [C] Horsedolphin
  • [C] Jax_skellington



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