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Welcome to the MadCast forums. It is our hope that you will take the time to read every thread in New to MadCast so that you are aware of all our rules, policies, and terms. Perusing this entire forum will ensure that you don’t make any mistakes and understand the reasoning behind many of the decisions made in MadCast’s past.

In this thread, the Rules, Structure, and Organization of MadCast are laid out so that everyone in our community understands what is and isn’t tolerated, how we conduct our business and the structure under which we operate.


Code of Conduct

The MadCast Code of Conduct ---which applies to members and non-members alike--- Expects the Following:

  • Admin requests will be respected.
  • People will not be attacked nor will rage be directed at anyone.
  • The use of derogatory phrases or slurs: racist, religious, sexist, homophobic, etc., will not be tolerated. 
  • People will not be expected to tolerate unwanted and unsolicited sexually-charged comments directed at them.
  • Female members and guests' presence will not cause all the males on the website or Discord to begin to act all “macho” or “chest-puffy” toward other guys in some sort of weird peacock-like display.
  • People will not discuss the buying, selling, use, experience, or possession of illegal drugs.
  • People will cease a line of teasing or jest if asked by the target of that jest or someone else on Discord in that channel.

The expectations are also summarized as follows:


When I hang out with my friends, either in a small group or a party, we tend to joke with one another. That joking often includes crude humor, and yes, even name-calling. People also understand how to take a joke. Everyone knows the difference between an actual attack and dudes just busting balls. But when someone appears to be, or states that they are offended or that a particular joke or topic goes too far (i.e, it is now an "attack"), we stop. And if the person won't stop, others usually weigh in and it gets resolved.

The “others” here are the admins. If anyone asks you to stop ---especially an admin--- you need to stop.

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Code of Conduct Change - Slurs 11 14 2020
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Terms of Full Membership

Below are the terms of Full Membership in MadCast. If you are to become a member, or if you are a member, you are expected to fulfill the following terms consistently throughout your time as a MadCast member. Failure to meet these terms will end in the loss of your MadCast tags. You are always welcome to re-apply if your tags are lost due to failure to meet the terms below.


1. Visit the website at least once a month and be a contributing member. Failure to meet this requirement will result in automatic dismissal. Military or Peace Corps active service and parental leave will not be counted as absent time as long as the member posts in the forums regarding their upcoming leave, and contributions will not be tracked during the expected time period (up to 3 full SFM cycles depending on the circumstances). Other unexpected life emergencies may also qualify for an extended excused absence, on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the current SFMs. There are many ways to contribute; you are not expected to meet all of them, but you are expected to meet AT LEAST ONE of the following terms each cycle:

(1)  You must have donated at least 12 dollars to MadCast over the course of the previous 12 months. This amounts to one dollar per month and does not include money donated to programs such as MadCast Angel;

(2)  You must recruit someone, that says you recruited them in their intro post, within the past SFM Cycle;

(3)  You must have run / hosted / led a event organized via the forums or calendar (an attempt, regardless of participation, counts) in the last SFM Cycle;

(4)  You must hold an officer / admin rank in a Main / Focus / Official MadCast game;

(5)  Your posting average, on the forums, must be .50 or higher in the last SFM Cycle;

(6)  You have produced one lengthy article, guide, tutorial, or walkthrough for the website’s audience in the last SFM Cycle;

(7)  You must have been an RFM within the past 2 SFM Cycles;

(8)  You must have been a full term SFM within the past 3 SFM Cycles;

(9)  You must have participated in at least four (4) events organized via the forums or calendar in the previous SFM Cycle; This is equivalent to one per month.

(10) Outstanding contributions to be determined by SFMs in the need of other criteria failing. 

Note:  If extenuating circumstances prevent you from meeting the requirements prior to the deadline, please discuss with an SFM.


2. Wear the MadCast tag as follows: MadCast: FullMember. Wearing it after your name or in any other variation is not allowed. We are proud to have you; be proud to be part of us. There is a limit to how many times you will be warned.


3. Be responsible. We do not discriminate in evaluating you for membership based on your age, and we will make no accommodations or exceptions based on your age. You will be treated like an adult; with all rights and responsibilities therein. Take responsibility and ownership in this community. Donate your time or your money, or both. We are all in this together and we all have a vested interest in seeing this place succeed.


4. Be respectful. This does not mean that you should be a yes man to everything that goes on. But, realize that we are all here to have fun, we are not your parents and we do not have to put up with you. Nevertheless, we want to make it clear, no one, in over a decade, has ever been kicked out of MadCast for being opinionated or being a source of constant criticism of the administration. We, the administrators of this community, welcome constructive criticism and provide various avenues for such criticism. Treating people like crap, constant negativity, and being generally an ass-hat is generally frowned upon. If this is, "just the way you are," MadCast is probably not a good fit for you.


5. Be active. Now, any attempt to draw a line here between what is active and what is not is an exercise in futility. The key to satisfying requirements of activity is visibility. The more visible you are the less you have to worry about being inactive. The best medium to demonstrate your activity level is the MadCast website. Now, no one is FORCED to play one game, or play a game they don't want to. Everyone is welcomed to play what they want, but realize that someone who does not see you every day, because you play different games, may wonder what you are up to. The best way to solve this problem is to be active on the website where what game you play seldom matters.



At the start of each cycle, SFMs shall review the Full Member roster to ensure the good standing of each Full Member. Full Members that have not met the Terms of Full Membership during the previous SFM cycle will be moved to the Associate role. New Full Members will be granted a grace period of 30 days in order to meet the Terms of Full Membership. Any Full Member who is moved to Associate in this manner will be eligible to become a Full Member again through the candidacy process.

During this process, SFMs may elect to permanently reserve the Full Member - Inactive status for individuals who have gone above and beyond for MadCast**. An individual who has attained this status cannot lose it in the future, and so it will only be given with the highest distinction of service to the community. We feel the reward for that diligence should be an open door for their return, should they wish it.

Full Members on military or Peace Corp active duty service will be placed in Full Member - Inactive status for the duration of their service. Full Members returning from service will be granted a grace period of 60 days in order to notify the administration of their return and be reverted to active Full Member status. Following this, they will be granted an additional grace period of 30 days in order to meet the Terms of Full Membership.

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Adding an extension option for those that reach out ahead of time. Refined donation language to be more transparent.
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When you first arrive in the MadCast community, it can be a bit overwhelming for the uninitiated. This thread seeks to introduce visitors to our site and our community.

MadCast Associates:

The folks in this group are not MadCast members. This group typically includes friends of members, extremely new people feeling out the community, members of other communities, or folks that for whatever reason are not MadCast members. Folks in this group are considered guests and will be treated as such. MadCast is a very close-knit group with folks that care about this community a lot. MadCast Associates are treated as friends that are simply hanging out and should govern themselves accordingly. This is our community when you first arrive please treat it with the respect that you would treat an IRL visit to someone's house whom you don't know very well. We love that people come to hang out here, even if they never join MadCast, so please don't be shy about hanging out and inviting others to do the same, but always remember that you are a guest in our community.

On the website, MadCast Associates are fairly easy to spot because their forum names do not contain the title "MadCast:" preceding their names. MadCast Associates do not get avatars or signatures, this privilege is reserved for Full Members and above. In fact, until relatively recently MadCast Associates were not even given the opportunity to send private messages on our website. This last privilege was awarded to MadCast Associates in 2012.

On Discord, MadCast Associates have no real privileges other than being allowed on our Discord in the first place. Moreover, they have no right to be in a channel by themselves, they have no right to ask a member or admin to leave a channel; whatever privacy Associates are given comes from the benevolence of a particular member or admin, not from any entitlement. MadCast Associates play no role in the decision-making process, policy discussions, or Official MadCast business of any kind.

MadCast Candidates:

The folks in this group are not MadCast members but are undergoing candidacy periods to become MadCast members. The candidacy period begins by posting an introduction in our forums indicated the unequivocal desire to become a MadCast Member. The candidacy period is 30 days long. Relatively quickly after posting a desire to become a MadCast member, you will be assigned the Candidate Role in Discord, and you will be able to use the #candidates-chat to ask questions and introduce yourself to Full Members.

Folks in this group are considered guests and should behave as such. Moreover, this particular group, as opposed to the MadCast Associates discussed above, is comprised of folks that are trying to become Members. There are folks that are great MadCast Associates, but who for one reason or another, would not make good members. Besides not being an administrative burden, the expectations of non-members are virtually non-existent. Candidates (sometimes referred to as [C]s or Cs) are expected to demonstrate the qualities we demand of members.

When you become a candidate, a thread is created for you in the private, member-only forums. The point of this private thread is to allow our Members to honestly opine about your fitness for membership. Every game you play, every interaction you have, will probably make its way into those threads. If an admin has to correct you doing something, all admins will be put on notice via the same thread. It is imperative that you interact with as many people as possible because you must have at least 5 people leave a (good or bad) comment in your thread to move to the next step in the process. If you do not get those 5 comments, your candidacy will auto-fail and you will be given the option of starting all over or remaining an Associate indefinitely. The contents of your comment thread are considered private. If disclosed to you, your candidacy could end and the offending member will be expelled. However, the general tone of your comment thread and any issues (without identifying information behind them) can be communicated to you by any admin on request.

If you have the necessary posts in your comments thread, not your intro thread, you move on to be voted on by the Senior Full Members of the community. If your vote is successful, you become a MadCast Full Member. If not, you begin the cycle again or can remain a MadCast Associate indefinitely.

On Discord, MadCast Candidates, as non-members, have no real privileges other than being allowed on our Discord in the first place. Moreover, they have no right to be in a channel by themselves, they have no right to ask a member or admin to leave a channel; whatever privacy Candidates are given comes from the benevolence of a particular member or admin, not from any entitlement. MadCast Candidates play no role in the decision-making process, policy discussions, or Official MadCast Business of any kind.

On the website, MadCast Candidates are fairly easy to spot because their forum names do not contain the title "MadCast:" preceding their names. Like Associates, Candidates do not get avatars or signatures; this privilege is reserved for Full Members and above. Candidates can send and receive private messages on our website.

MadCast Full Members or FMs:

This is the first level of actual membership in MadCast. Folks in this group have been associates, then candidates, and are now Full Members. When a "Welcome" thread is posted letting a candidate know that they successfully passed Senior Full Member review, every candidate is given 10 days to read our Full Membership Terms and to agree to them BEFORE their forum permissions are updated. Until permissions are updated, the person is not considered a Full Member.

Full Members on Discord can create temporary subchannels for themselves and their friends. FMs can expect some level of consideration by other Full Members and Admins if they seek to have a private chat with someone else on Discord. The best way to describe FMs is to say that they "live" here. This is "their" house (as opposed to candidates and associates who are considered guests).

Full Members on the website are clearly identifiable because of the presence of the title "MadCast:" preceding their names on the forums. Moreover, when you become a Full Member your handle-name color transforms from black to a blue color. FMs can have avatars and signatures. FMs can upload images directly onto this website (as well as files) for storage. FMs are considered the Rank and File members of our community and the "voting bloc" of the community. Most major decisions require FM approval, either directly or through their representatives, the SFMs.

MadCast Legendary Full Members or LFMs:

The LFM (Legendary Full Member) rank exists to honor members who have made an enduring and timeless impact on the community.  LFMs are designated by the Staff and Founders, and only given on an individual basis.  No rubric defines a Legendary contribution, only the individuals themselves.

MadCast Ranking Full Members or RFMs:

This is the first rung of admins at MadCast. When an FM has been an FM for at least 60 days and has a daily posting average of at least .40 they are allowed to apply to become an RFM. A thread is then created in the SFM / Staff forum where the FM has to get at least 75% approval from that entire group. This is a difficult achievement because the admins of this community pride themselves on the quality of our admins and jealously defend our reputation. Only very solid FMs should consider applying to become RFMs. RFMs are the front-line admins of this community and operate most of the day-to-day administrative activities of this community. While they do a lot, their activities will become known to you more and more with the day-to-day experience of associating with our community and are outside the scope of this intro post.

Ranking Full Members are "FULL" admins and should be treated as such. They have the authority to ban you from this website, our Discord server, or any of the game servers. The goal is to have 1 RFM for every 4 FMs.

MadCast Senior Full Members or SFMs:

The next rung of admins are the Senior Full Members (SFMs). SFMs are elected every four to five months by the FMs. To be considered for a vote, members must be a current RFM, with a membership longer than 90 days, and a posting average of .40 or greater on the website. A thread is put up for two weeks and all of the FMs vote to elect the SFMs. The SFMs are day-to-day admins and the main POLICY admins. SFMs have a unique role in the community: they are the only rank that votes to transform candidates to Full Members, the only rank. Like the RFMs above, the SFMs have many duties, but for the purposes of this intro post, you now know enough to get rolling.

MadCast Staff:

There are three Staff members: MadCast: Munsa, MadCast: Red, and MadCast: Epic.  Thier job is not day-to-day, but rather long-term policy discussions. The three of them are constant presences on the website and Discord. They interact with the community on a 1 and 1 basis commonly and are very accessible to those that want to talk to them. They engage with the SFMs to set the global course for the community in the long-term. They are involved in large projects, new projects, and generally expanding MadCast into new ventures.

Please remember to work your way up the chain from RFM->SFM->Staff when you have an issue. We are all here to serve the community, but we all serve different functions. Everyone that is an admin here is trusted with knowing the difference between something they can handle and something that needs to go up the chain.

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