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  1. The rain fell on a cold evening in the north providence of Kyrta known as the Valley Headland. A large figure approached the door of the stone building overlooking the small town below in the valley. The traveler wore a large cloak to protect him from the weather. And given his size, one could recognize him as a Norn. The clasp around is neck was the mark of the Urufu Born, those who pledge their lives to the loyalty of the pack. Its been a long time since the tired eyes of this traveler saw the outpost that he once called home. But all he carried about at the moment was to get out of the rain… and whether anyone remembered him. He grabbed the metal handle and knocked it against the wooden door.

    After a few moments, several locks were removed and the door cracked open. Standing there was Feminine statured Sylvari with red leaves, white eyes and a blue flowing plant gown. He head was turned to the side.

    “Hello adventurer, may I inquire your presence?”

    “Is this still the house of the six?” Bellowed the Male Norn.

    “It is sir.”

    “I am a protector, let me pass?”

    “Of course”

    The Sylvari pull the door further to allow enough room for the Norn to pass into the hall. It was dimly lite by candles on the pillars throughout the large room. The old smells filled the Norn nostrils and his head filled with images of the past. From his old comrades making a pact before the split. The slam of the door behind him broke him from this dream.

    “You are well watered” commented the Sylvari.

    “Indeed I am” Snorted the Norn. Remembering how innocently blunt and misconstrued the Sylvari way of thinking is. “And who might you be little flower?”

    “I was given the name Jasmine. I am the care taker of this keep.”

    “And a fine job of it you do flower.”

    “you are Urufu birth?”

    Typical observant and inquisitive Sylvari… “Yes, and its called Urufu Born.”

    “So sorry, my mistake”.

    “Its ok flower…” He was starting to get annoyed “but would like to remove these wet clothes and I need to eat.”

    “Of course, I will take your cape to the fire and fetch some meat”.

    “Thank you”. About time he thought as he pulled off his rain soaked gear. He stared into the mar were a door he remembered led to the ale barrels. He wondered if they were still there. And with ale for that matter. The Sylvari after receiving the wet gear the turned to leave and after a few steps Jasmine turned back around.

    “I am sorry, I never asked your name… what are you called?”

    “In the old tongue I am called Saburu Ookami… but you can call me Saburu Urufu.”

    Jasmine smiled as her gown was getting soaked from the Norn’s wet cloak. “Pleasure to meet your acquaintance Protector Saburu”. And she walked away to left of the hall.

    Saburu Urufu stared after her until she passed through the door. He then proceeded to a more important task… taping a keg of ale. He moved through the dim room to the door that led to where he remembered the ale kegs were stored. He opened the door and sure enough, there was the hall that led to several storage rooms, one of which had the ale. He was about to take a step into the room but stopped short. His nose caught something. After a few whiffs he realized quickly that he and the Sylvari were not alone…


    Jasmine made her way to the kitchen area. There was a roaring fire to the far side of the room. She moved a chair closer to the fire and laid out all of Saburu's wet gear for it to dry. The cold water from it dripped to the brick work on the floor and sizzled on impact. Jasmine squeezed some of the water from her now wet gown, smiling as usual. She then moved to the cupboard and started to prepare a warm meal for Saburu. She recently joined the Sentinels of the Six as a care taker of the keep, so she was still trying to find her way around the kitchen, the halls... and the rest of the structure for that matter. But the learning experience was intoxicating for her, even though she didn't understand the purpose of such things. If what she did made others happy, then she was happy too.


    Back in the storage area, Saburu Urufu lost the scent of the eves-dropper. He knew it was a short human, but nothing more then that. 'Nothing of consequence for now. If it is a threat, it could be easily dispatched of.' He thought to himself. Saburu pressed into the dark hall with a flat outside wall to his right and a row of doors to the left. 'One... two... third door down if memory serves me right'. His large paw made the handle disappear as he opened the door. This room was pitch black, couldn't see much except for two large objects in the back of the room.

    “Lets shine a little light on this subject” he said out loud.

    He slowly pulled a mace from his right hip and looked down at the ground. His mouth watered as his brain raced for the right words.

    “Protect thee from ghosts and wraiths, seal this ground with a Symbol of Faith!”

    The mace hammered the ground with a thud but did not damage the floor. Instead, bright lines shot out across the floor from the impact point and illuminating the entire room. The blue shimmering light turned the shadows to two large kegs with several empty mugs stacked to the right. Saburu put his mace away and lumbered into the room, picked up one of the larger mugs and proceeded to draw his fill. The taste was smooth and refreshing; just as it did years before. His thoughts shifted to his fellow protectors. He wondered if they were successful in their separate missions they disembarked on years prior. And what information they gathered about these dragons that shifted the balance of the world they live in. And whether or not Balthazar was right. He didn't believe in the master race of Tyria at first. But these changing times do change the minds of many. After a couple of quick rounds, the light began to fade from his symbol he made on the floor. He figured it was time to meet back up with the little Sylvari for some grub to eat any ways. He drew one more full mug and carried it with him as the last bit of light faded into the floor.

  2. I know no one uses the blogs anymore, but I really just want to talk about food. It wasn't quite right for the MadCast Cookbook thread, and making a whole new thread about me seemed sort of redundant... SO BLOGS IT IS!

    I have a few kitchen goals:

    1. Reduce the grocery budget.

    2. Build a solid collection of recipes we like.

    3. Find ways to do more prep/cooking ahead of time (because more gaming after work).

    April Goals Status:

    1. Grocery spending down 40% from March.

    2. A handful of awesome recipes.

    3. Pancakes (I shall elaborate further).

    Anyway, referencing goal #3, I have been trying to figure out how to do more prep work on the weekends, etc. I find I get home from work around 5:30, crash for a little while to try to get some introverted re-charge time (not been very successful with that since Prince moved in LOL), and then make dinner. Dinner can be elaborate and always seems to eat into a significant chunk of time that I used to spend gaming back when I made pasta every night. Still, meal planning and freezer cooking and that shit is a bit overwhelming to start from cold turkey, so I decided to go with breakfast first!

    I am not a morning person, so I usually just wake up, stumble to the coffee machine, throw on some clothes, and then head out to catch the bus. I know I need to eat breakfast, but we already go through 2-3 gallons of milk a week without cereal, and it's just too much hassle to make eggs or bagels or w/e.

    Two weeks ago I made pancakes for a Saturday lunch, and decided to cook up 2 huge batches of them on a whim for freezing. I separated them all out in little sandwich baggies, 3 per serving, and stacked them up in the freezer door. Prince has now had pancakes for breakfast pretty much every day, and is quite happy about it (I do not like syrup, and so refuse to eat pancakes and waffles and french toast mostly). This made me look into other frozen breakfast options though, so I have a May Breakfast plan, which I proudly present to you!

    May Pre-made Pancakes:

    4.5 cups flour

    3.5 TBS baking powder

    1 TBS salt

    3 TBS sugar

    2 TBS vanilla

    3.75 cups milk

    3 eggs

    1 stick butter (melted)

    Be warned this needs a super extra large bowl.

    Mix all ingredients up together (first dry, then wet), and use a quarter cup scoop to measure out the pancakes. As they come off the griddle, lay them out flat on a cookie sheet (they can be very close together). When the cookie sheet is full, place the sheet in the freezer for about 2 hours. This ensures the pancakes freeze flat, and makes them a lot more easy to store! I find that it is easier if you let the pancakes sit on the cookie sheet for 5-10 minutes after you pull them out of the freezer so they don't stick to the pan. Baggy them up based on the amount you will need to pull for a full serving (maybe you want to feed a family, but I just need breakfast for 1), press out as much air as possible, and stack them up in your freezer for later. It takes about 90 seconds to reheat in the microwave!

    You will have a lot more pancakes than one sheet, so set aside the rest on some plates or pans, and freeze them on the cookie sheet(s) in batches.

    May Pre-made Omelets:

    24 eggs

    1 large onion, chopped

    1 TBS crushed garlic

    1 cup bell peppers, chopped

    1 cup spinach, chopped

    1 LB meat of your choice (sausage, crumbled bacon, ground beef, shredded chicken, etc)

    Shredded cheese of your choice in the amount your heart desires

    Saute up the bell peppers, spinach, onion, and garlic with the spices of your choice. If you want to substitute other veggies in, or use more in place of meat, go for it. Cook the meat separately, and drain excess grease. Add meat to cooked veggies and mix well. Whisk up all the eggs in a large bowl and add salt/pepper.

    Portion meat/veggie mixture evenly into muffin tins (you probably want to use liners, but you don't have to). Depending on size of muffin tin, this recipe could make 24 small omelets or 12 larger ones. Add cheese generously over the top. Portion eggs in on top, and use a spoon to give each muffin a stir so all ingredients are equally distributed. Bake at 350F for 10-15 minutes. Let cool, and then transfer into freezer bags for storage. After frozen the bags can be stacked on top of each other.

    May Pre-made Muffins:

    Make the muffins your heart desires (I am still deciding, but I know I'm making Banana Bread muffins) and freeze. Ta-fuckin-da.

    My banana bread recipe:

    2 cups flour

    1 tsp baking soda

    .25 tsp salt

    1 stick of butter

    .75 cup brown sugar

    2 eggs

    4 large bananas (or 5 small)

    Mix butter, brown sugar, eggs, and bananas till well blended. Stir in dry ingredients. Do not beat it senseless by over mixing. Bake at 350F (about 20 minutes in the muffin tins, or about 1 hour in a bread pan).

    Grocery List which I pretty much already have:

    • 1 bag of flour
    • Baking powder
    • Baking soda
    • Salt
    • Sugar
    • Brown sugar
    • Vanilla
    • Gallon of milk
    • 1 package of butter
    • Bananas
    • 3 cartons of eggs
    • Onion
    • Garlic
    • Bell Peppers
    • Spinach
    • 1 LB meat
    • Cheese

    So basically I am looking at about $10 in groceries to buy. I may make strawberry or blueberry muffins but I have those too, so I'm set! I plan on getting all this cooking done by May 3rd and will post some nice pictures of that.

  3. MadCast: Cinchil
    Latest Entry

    This is just going to be a quick thought and I'll likely expand on the subject later on.

    Going on tilt, I hear this phrase said a lot but I find that many of the same people who use this phrase don't understand what it actually means. Most people who play competitive games have heard of going on tilt and only attribute the meaning to its negative aspect. IE: "That guy is on tilt" means the same to most as "That guy is playing poorly", but that is not always the case. Going on tilt can as big a boon as it is a curse. In fact, I would go so far as to say that in the long run going on tilt is always a boon if you can objectively learn from your mistakes.

    First, I want to clear something up for those who have no idea what I'm saying. Going on tilt is the phrase that refers to how a player's emotional state effects the way they play. In essence, a player who feels down or is not confident will play at a lower level than what they are capable of and a player that feels secure and is confident can play at a level that can be considered their best. Unfortunately, up until now, when players hear that someone is on tilt they only think of its negative meaning and assume the player is playing poorly. This is mostly the fault of how the term has been popularized by gaming icons like Doublelift or eSports commentators such as Jatt or Deman. Naming these people is not a calling out but is merely meant to give context to the issue I have brought up here.

    Now we can get into the real issue at hand here. As I've previously Stated going on tilt is not something that is always bad, it has the potential to expose even your smallest mental and mechanical weaknesses or give you the drive to soar to new heights of play. When you are feeling emotionally sound you are on a positive tilt and that feeling enables you to compete against anyone at your highest level. Mistakes effect you far less than they normally would, and your foes seem smaller than they really are. Of course, this positive tilt can also work against a player in high levels of play and once broken can easily break a player's 'high' into the tilt that we are all more familiar with. In short, too much of a good thing can become bad.

    I've found this line of thinking to be quite useful. Recognizing that people who are constantly on a negative tilt or fall rapidly into such a tilt (like myself) have other things in their life that they are unhappy with. Acknowledging that my mood and emotional stability effects my play I have come to realize things about myself that I previously glazed over because I subconsciously dismissed aspects of who I was. Things like annoyances, sadness, or even joyful things were all being glossed over by my general mood at the time. This mood was, lets say, not one of great happiness and it effected not only my play but my interactions with those around me. It was not until I began to really look at myself as on tilt and dove into why it was that I was on tilt that I was able to recognize my own flaws and weaknesses. I know this sounds stupid, it does, even to me. The question "How do you not know yourself?" comes immediately when I think of how people will react to what I'm saying but there are much weirder truths in this world than a person unable to lay claim to their likes and dislikes. Lets not get into that though.

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    Welcome to Kit's Giveaways!

    Sometimes I get my hands on extra keys and games on Steam that I do not want, and sometimes I just happen to buy games on sale that I want to giveaway to my friends! Every giveaway is able to be entered via SteamGifts.Com, a very trusted site I've been on that selects winners completely random and logs every giveaway that I have created. I understand anyone's confusion or concern in joining another site, but I assure you, this is completely safe! It even allows me to create giveaways that are MadCastGaming only! This means that you have to be in the MadCast Gaming Steam group to be able to enter for the giveaway, so FM+. Once enough of us are actively checking this thread when I update it, I will put every giveaway I do in the MadCast group.

    Whenever I post a new game giveaway, I will put "UPDATED" in a new post and place the giveaway signature in the original post so that new readers can easily access it as well. This makes it more organized for both you and me. Please follow the topic and spread the word so that we can have more MadCast only giveaways! Any giveaways that are unsuccessful (under 5 entries) are subject to a repost and the 'win' is void so please don't be selfish and share with our friends.

    If you have any questions, feel free to message me or comment on this thread.

    Current Giveaways


    Giveaways Completed

    Oct. 9, 2013 - Stealth Bastard Deluxe - MadCast: Cinchil (out of 3 entries)

    Oct. 31, 2013 - Organ Trail: Director's Cut - MadCast: Spaghadeity (out of 2 entries)

    Nov. 17, 2013 - Gratuitous Space Battles - MadCast: Spaghadeity (out of 4 entries)

    Nov. 28, 2013 - Resident Evil 5 - MadCast: Sotarkadin (out of 3 entries)


    Please join the Steam Group for Full Members!

    Source: Kit's Giveaways

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    blog-0754327001381954446.jpg(Disclaimer: Art is not drawn by me. All characters are created and roleplayed by only me.)

    Hello and greetings reader,

    For every character that I have ever played, there was a reason to play them. Gaining an achievement, exploring the world, and obtaining phat loots for my questing pleasure. But what is it that makes the character so special that you create them in the first place? Is it just the need to have a 'toon' to go through the game? Or is it something more... something that drives you to make them look a certain way, be a certain race, have a certain eye or hair color?

    I believe in the latter. When I first create my characters, I put a piece of myself in the video game. I decide the origins of this character's image before the story even unfolds. How they look and how they act are completely up to the player, and whether we realize it or not, those characters are what makes the game enjoyable. We take pride in them and their accomplishments in their virtual world.

    In this blog, I will be describing my characters in depth and actually, for the first time, writing out their whole life stories. The longest character I have roleplayed was for 11 years. That is 11 years of story compacted into a single blog, and that's just one character! That is why I will ask of you, the reader, to choose who you want to learn about first.

    Lady Shade - The middle aged woman, former thief, dulled by her past and numbed by the burning of her self inflicted curse.

    Tesse Centirum - The daughter of Lady Shade, a klutzy chronomancer seeking out an artifact that will unravel the Mists as we know them.

    Solice Sylvante - The beautiful and deadly lady, a slave to her desire for power and magic.

    Tyrinnis Sylvante - Twin sister of Solice, a kind fanatic intent on destroying the world and introduce us to the 'True' peace of her 'Light'.

    Scynnis - The danger deep in the wood at night that howls at the moon and runs with her pack. (Limited story.)

    Beta Zee - A glitchy infinite watchknight created for questionable purposes by the remains scattered by Scarlet's invasions. (Not available.)

    Livati Esun - An Elonian warrior with every intention of fighting her way home. (Not available.)

    Trixy Treat - Bombs, bullets, explosions, and maniacal laughter! (Not available.)

    Now you tell me which to write about first! Please comment with your votes.

  4. I feel like making posts like these once in a while...cause im a sucker for cheesy/happy/w.e love songs...and i have this one stuck in my head now:

    This is from an album that was a collaboration between 40mP (a vocaloP), and a niconico singer (Chano). What's even cuter is that they are actually married :)

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    It's rather unhealthy to be honest.


    Season 2 actually arrived just a week ago. =D

    Seriously though, this is not your typical Crime/Drama series. When I first saw the promotional for it when it first aired on TV, I was just like "lol oh look another CSI NY." Boy was I wrong. I watched a few clips of it on Youtube and that was enough to prompt me to get the entire first season. Went on a marathon and I was very pleased. Hooked all the way until the end.

    The show involves Christopher Nolan's brother Jonah Nolan (who worked on The Dark Knight) and is produced by Bad Robot Productions (Fringe, Lost, Revolution) and the writing is just incredible. There are twists and turns EVERYWHERE and they're not even cliches! The character himself has a lot of Batman elements without the ridiculous spandex suit and the best parts? He kicks ass in a suit and speaks in a voice that makes Christian Bale sound illiterate. The only TV show I really committed to before this was Hawaii Five-0, which is on hiatus until the 27th of September. I came across this on a very boring summer day and I'm glad I did. I recommend this to anybody who's looking for a new TV show to pick up.

    Synopsis taken from the back of both DVD boxes for you

    Season 1 Boxset

    "YOU ARE BEING WATCHED. A supercomputer developed by reclusive billionaire and software genius Harold Finch (Michael Emerson who played Ben Linus on LOST) analyzes data patterns in surveillance for the U.S government to identify impending acts of terrorism. But the computer, known only as "The Machine," can also identify ordinary people who are about to be involved in violent crimes. Can those crimes be stopped before they take place? Secretly tapping into The Machine, Finch and ex-CIA agent John Reese (Jim Caviezel, who played a pretty badass Jesus in Passion of the Christ) use vigilante tactics and state-of-the-art technology to identify the soon-to-be victims and prevent the crimes from occuring. Meanwhile, two NYPD detectives (Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Chapman) are drawn into the cases and the mystery surrounding the two covert crime fighters. From
    The Dark Knight
    's Jonathan Nolan and J.J Abrams' Bad Robot Productions (
    Fringe, Lost, Revolution
    ) comes all 23 heart-pounding and thought-provoking Season 1 episodes of the edge-of-your-seat thriller series
    Person of Interest.

    Season 2 Boxset

    VICTIM OR PERPETRATOR, IF YOUR NUMBER'S UP, WE'LL FIND YOU. The Machine identifies another gripping season's worth of potential crimes that must be stopped by billionaire tech genius Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) and ex-CIA operative John Reese (Jim Caviezel). Adversaries from Reese's undercover past and Finch's government work threaten the team's crie-fighting mission and anonymity. Meanwhile, NYPD Detectives Carter (Taraji P. Henson) and Fusco (Kevin Chapman) face down FBI probes and the dangerous tentacles of the police conspiracy known as "HR." From the creator Jonathan Nolan (
    The Dark Knight
    ) and J.J Abrams' Bad Robot Productions (
    Fringe, Lost, Revolution
    ) comes the dazzling 4-disc, 22-Episode Season Two.

    Again, highly recommended. Has some of the best one-liners. Fangirl with me pl0x.

    BTW, season 3 airs on September 24th Tuesdays at 10pm on CBS. Definitely looking forward to it! <3

  5. Well, here we are. Week 1 of official team play for the League of Extraordinary Dongers.

    I'm very optimistic about the outcomes of this week's matches. Most of all, I am anticipating Team C's success in their first provisional matches.

    The past couple weeks have been a build up for something I'm praying will be successful. Competitive teams have had a spotty history in MadCast; one thing I wish to avoid above anything else is for these teams to lose sight of the community that keeps them together. It was MadCast that brought every one of these players together in the first place. It will be their example that determines how far this venture goes.

    Knowing that my friend Cinchil and I are doubly accountable for the end result makes this ride very exciting. To be honest, there have been a couple times where I was a bit shaken up, not knowing how issues would get resolved. So far, the teams we've formed have been encouraging and positive every day of practice. Keep it up guys, you're doing awesome! As for me...I'll have some nerves about it still. But when the end of this week comes, I pray the MadCast Dongers have represented our community well.

    Raise 'em high.

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    Ever wonder what goes on inside the mind of Cinchil? No? Good, you'd probably get lost in there anyway, I know I do. As a general rule I try not to stay in my own head for very long, there are a lot of closets chalk full of creepy skeletons just waiting to scare the ever-living crap out of me. When I do make trips into the nether regions of my own persona I tend to come out with hints for how I can take over the world or create a special light on a car that signals a U-turn. On rare occasions though, I return with some form of profound wisdom. At least I think its profound at the time. When these instances occur I like to squirrel my new knowledge away to save and look smart later. Unfortunately I have found that knowledge is useless if you keep it to yourself and that the wise will always share what they know so that they may learn more from the next person who uses that knowledge to grow and surpass it. Ah, now I'm just rambling.

    I guess what I'm trying to say here is that I want to share what I know with those who would listen and learn from those who would speak. Maybe like an interactive discussion in which lay a single brick in the foundation of a building and each person that walks by adds their contribution, lets say another brick, until we get this giant stack of bricks that nobody knows what to do with but ends up shaping up to be a great hall in which all our knowledge and experience is stored for those after us to come along and partake and maybe add to while they are here.

    You may ask why I'm not simply creating a thread for this and I would say that is a good question for which I have a very logical answer to. That answer is so logical that you might know the answer already and it is due to the simple fact that I desire a more structured and organised way for me to say what I want to without creating a new thread every day to which I would get a plethora of half-baked replies that I need to sift through. Call me lazy but, I'd just say you are right and we'd all feel awkward after that one.

    So, down to the nitty-gritty. I've noticed a recent trend with today's youth. One that I find disturbing as today's youth could include me for some of you. Its getting to the point where I find myself staring at my computer screen or at some random stranger in utter disbelief after witnessing it. Some of you may be wondering what it is I'm talking about exactly. Well, then my plot to intrigue you has succeeded and I now feel extremely cunning because of my success. It seems to me that there is a growing population of youths that are extremely sheltered and then not sheltered at all. What I mean by this is more along the lines of middle to upper class kids and their parent's inability to just say no, to lay down the law, to draw a line in the sand at dare their kids to cross it. More and more I notice children that are rarely if ever denied what they want and if denied find some way of manipulating the rules to get it anyway.

    Case in point, I witnessed a child in Wal-Mart ask for a toy. Innocent enough right? Sure. The mom says no, that seems like the law right? No, this kid looked up at his mom and said AND I QUOTE "I'll tell them you hit me." to which the mom replies with a somewhat distraught face and says to get the toy and they move on. I may just be old fashioned or something but I did not live in a world where children had reign over their parents. In my world, child acts up, child gets punished, child stops acting the fool. When did we become a society in which our parents are no longer able to be just that, parents. I know we can look at laws about child abuse and all that but beating your child is not the only way to raise them right. If anything its the least effective. What happened to instilling values such as respect, courtesy, common sense, and chivalry? Where did all the effort go from the parents of our world? Cause that is what it comes down to, our parents, and the time they put into making sure we end up as functioning members of society. This isn't me saying "all parents these days have failed and suck at raising their kids" because that is far from the truth. I believe there are some amazing parents out there that did their job, mine included. Today, these types of people are labeled as overachievers in the parent world but 30 years ago they would be considered normal and run of the mill.I guess my question really is...

    What changed?

  6. Seeing as we have received this super fancy blog feature, I decided to put it to good use! If you couldn't tell by the title of the blog, I'm going to be primarily posting about my hobby I love just as much as gaming, if not more.

    My Taste in Anime

    To avoid questions or you playing a guessing game. I suppose I'll explain what genres I actively watch and which I avoid. I was going to type out a list of the things I loved, but I figured it would just be easier to tell you the things I didn't like. I might do some posts later on some of my favorite genres and the animes that belong to them.

    I'll just get this out of the way right now. I hate those dumb generic ass echii harem shows. I HATE them. Why? Well, the reason I hate them is they sell well, because you know what they say. Sex sells. So, studios just keep pumping them out. It pains me when I check the sales chart and "Incest with my sister, but she's not actually my sister so it's k. Oh, and these hawt women like me for no reason." At the top, and then an anime with a thought-provoking story, amazing characters, and animation is at the bottom of the sales chart.

    So, yeah. Don't bother asking me if I like <insert generic shitty harem show here>.

    Another thing I'm not so fond of is those never-ending shounen series. You know what I'm talking about. The big three. Although if you had to ask my opinion, I'd say One Piece is the only one I can understand why people watch it. Naruto and Bleach though? :snicker:

    My First Anime

    Growing up with eight older geeky brothers, I had access to anime very early on in my life. As a result, the first anime I remember seeing is oddly enough isn't something like Sailor Moon, DragonBall Z, or other normal firsts. Nope, my first anime was Evangelion. Yep. At six years old, I saw Evangelion from start to finish. Including the movie. If you can't remember just how much nightmare fuel type stuff there was in there, here's a clip from The End of Evangelion. Spoilers obviously.

    It's weird though. It didn't scare me at all. Watching that series. Normally you'd think a small child would freak out from these things. I was originally thinking that maybe seeing this so young desensitized me, but maybe I was born desensitized? Maybe I was browsing /b/ in the womb. (Which didn't exist at the time.)

    My feelings about Evangelion right now is that it's good, but not perfect. Though, it's important to recognize it's a classic that deconstructed the mecha genre, showing using fourteen year-olds as child soldiers has traumatic results. Many people call Shinji the worst character of all time. Yes, he's whiny. Yes, he's a coward. However, most people fail to realize he was abandoned by his father while he was a small child, only to have his father to force him to come back and pilot a powerful mecha, and carry the fate of humanity on his shoulders while witnessing many fucked up things. Don't you think most fourteen year-olds wouldn't handle this situation well?

    Anyways, that's enough rambling for now! Look forward to my next post where I cover one of my all-time favorites.

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    So I'm gonna write here far less formally than I would in FMMB just so you guys are aware from the outset.

    PART I: A Day in the Life of MadCast: The Prince

    So the start of my day is usually the same.

    Get up.


    Get my work clothes ready.

    Pick out the fro.

    Check the MadCast Website.

    If earlier than Munsa and not immediately off to work, I'll make sure candidate threads are moved for votes.

    Head to work.

    Vote on candidates while on the bus to work

    Respond to any important admin related threads, provided there is enough time and walls of text are not needed.

    If walls of texts are needed, marking thread as one to respond to after work.


    Head home and check the forums on the way for any GW2 officer related stuff and respond as needed.

    Get home.

    Respond to any marked threads with needed walls of text.

    Potentially chat with other admins about stuff with walls of text because vocal communication is easier, but harder to keep track of so we talk and then post about what we talked about.

    If there is time I'll play video games.

    PART II: Appreciation of the Position

    By no means am I complaining about this. I very much enjoy and have enjoyed being an admin for this community. For the better part of the last 2 years I have been an SFM here and tbh a lot of things have changed for the good because of stuff that I have had a hand in and some stuff... not so much. Part of doing this job is knowing that sometimes I will get something wrong and to take the criticism from both my peers and you folks of the community to help me improve. Know that I am constantly working to do my best for MadCast. Also know that your voice matters here! I didn't walk into the door of this place as an admin. I started off just like one of you guys. I wanted to have more people to play games with and I wanted to play more games than WoW. I had just gotten into LoL and me and PoolOfInk were about the only people around these parts playing LoL. So we spread the word. More and more people started playing with us and I figured maybe I could help that part of our community grow. Check us out now! So many people playing LoL that I can't even keep up with it anymore. It's wonderful!

    Knowing this, feel free to find your niche here. USE THE FORUMS! Just because I spend the vast majority of my time here these days playing GW2 doesn't mean that we shouldn't be able to communicate. The forums are the best way to reach out across the community. It also keeps us from feeling to clique-ish. It's fine to play something like LoL with the people you like playing with but don't limit yourself to just that. We have so much we can do together cross-games. Events like Werewolf, Mafia, Scrabble, Karaoke, and Civ V give us a chance to step out of our comfort zones and meet other people around here. Do try to attend these and take the initiative to do your own. When I got bored of just doing LoL events I took to making events for games like Magicka and Dungeon Defenders. Games that a lot of us have sitting around in our Steam libraries and just don't have anyone to play with. Guess what? YOU HAVE PEOPLE TO PLAY WITH!

    One of the biggest boons of being in this position is spurring the growth of not only the community as a whole but the people in it. I love seeing RFM apps, even from people that I don't believe are ready to be one yet. That shows that you are wanting to do more for the community and that is a good thing. When you are ready to take that step come talk to me or any of the other SFM+. We want to develop you into being the future leaders of this community. Despite me being as SFM for around 2 years I know I won't be able to do this forever and I want those who take my spot to be even better than me. Pick my brain. Ask me questions. I enjoy answering them. I can't speak for all of the other admins here but I'm sure they do too!

    I want you all to know that since we've grown a lot bigger and I have grown a bit older I don't have quite as much time to spend with everyone in the community like I used to. I figure these blogs are a good way for me to reach out to those that I can't interact with on a nightly basis. Hopefully these lil (or not so lil) blurbs from my head will give you all a better idea of who I am and my style of being an administrator here. I look forward to writing more of these and hopefully inspiring you all to do the same.

    Peace and Love,

    MadCast: The Prince

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