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Ruby for vigor. Emerald for insight.

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Well, here we are. Week 1 of official team play for the League of Extraordinary Dongers.

I'm very optimistic about the outcomes of this week's matches. Most of all, I am anticipating Team C's success in their first provisional matches.

The past couple weeks have been a build up for something I'm praying will be successful. Competitive teams have had a spotty history in MadCast; one thing I wish to avoid above anything else is for these teams to lose sight of the community that keeps them together. It was MadCast that brought every one of these players together in the first place. It will be their example that determines how far this venture goes.

Knowing that my friend Cinchil and I are doubly accountable for the end result makes this ride very exciting. To be honest, there have been a couple times where I was a bit shaken up, not knowing how issues would get resolved. So far, the teams we've formed have been encouraging and positive every day of practice. Keep it up guys, you're doing awesome! As for me...I'll have some nerves about it still. But when the end of this week comes, I pray the MadCast Dongers have represented our community well.

Raise 'em high.


The dongers have been raised. And so has their torch bearers.

The ranked team on MadCast that had to be is being born. It's infancy begins today with a flood of interest that should continue to grow. I can only hope that with this interest springs forth a consistently positive influence on the state of the Rift. Toxic behavior infects it like a malignant cancer, spreading unceremoniously into every pore of existence.

But this league of extraordinary people will reverse this curse. We raise our dongers in victory. Raise them high, lads.


One of our wonderful RFMs, Yordlebob, is a coach in our new MadCast Coaching program. Thus far, it is mainly for coaching League of Legends summoners, however, I hope to see coaching done in many other games in the future. If you wish to learn, please give these guys pupils to teach. They have a vast store of knowledge, and it not only helps you learn, but reminds them of builds, strategies, and laning techniques. It is a benefit to everyone involved!

Anyways, I had him mainly coach me in two areas: effective supporting and jungle positioning. I'm typically an aggressive support player, so having a pool of passive supports doesn't do me much good other than to feed the enemy carries. Jungling, however, is a role that matches my play style quite well. Nasus, Skarner, and Master Yi are my go-to gents for jungling because of how 'in-your-face' they can be without remorse. Nasus is tanky, Skarner is splashy, and Yi is downright broken (as of this post).

Supporting needs more work than jungling, and with the experience of being coached, I am one step closer to Silver-level play.


Well, guys...

Heimerdinger might be powerful, but he is certainly not invincible.

But remember; every champion has dark days...that only makes the light that much easier to notice.

Heimerdinger is not made to support, he's made to push. He was born to mid lane. So why break the mold and send him to a place of darkness and uncertainty? Because at some point in a Yordle's life, he needs to be ready; prepared to accept the challenges of the unknown.


blog-0216368001376000039.pngAs you can plainly see from this diagram, normal queue cannot match up to the intensity that is breaking the mold. Heimerdinger is capable with any weapon. All items at his command are magnified. All possible avenues are open to his travel.

Fear the dongers, for they have been raised.


"What would Heimerdinger do if he were here today? He'd probably drop a turret or two, 'cause that's what Heimerdinger'd do!"

Ah, yes, Heimerdinger. The butt of all the mid-laning jokes. Well, joke's on you, because this handsome devil can play every lane. Every lane. Call me the 'Donger Evangelist'; he can support with expert turret placements and well-timed pokes with his W. He can mid lane with the best of champs. He can top lane against other lane pushers. He can even jungle. Simply put, Heimerdinger is the renaissance man of LoL.

But sadly, this Yordle has been receiving a ton of hate from all sides, and enough is enough. The time has come to reap the sinners. The time has come to inflict judgment upon those who dare blaspheme against the mighty minds of Bandle City. It is time for Heimerdinger to destroy the hopes and dreams of his oppressors. It is time for you to fall.

Heimerdinger-Render.pngThe Smartest Man in the World


Hello, this is your friendly neighborhood video man Jazzle here!

I really hope many of you come to enjoy the very-simple-to-use blog functionality on the MadCast website. These blogs may become avenues for your fellow Casters to chronicle their experiences accomplishing guild quests in Guild Wars 2, track their ranked queue journey in League of Legends, post serious thoughts on today's current events, or keep a weekly photo-journal of their lives for private friends to see!

For me, this blog will be a mixture of experiences in-game with fellow Casters, as well as a place to discuss the events and issues that plague the masses today. But for now, I just want to test this out, and wish you all happy blogging!

MadCast: Jazzle

Graphics and Video Team

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