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The story of the Wolf Pack, a division of the Sentinels of the Six, through the eyes of Saburu Urufu, the Wolf Pack's Commander

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Sabre Wolf

Saburu moved back to the main hall, moving between the pillars and on ward to the mess hall to where his meal should be waiting. Just outside the room, the hairs on his neck rose slightly. Once again he was absorbed with the felling he and the Sylvari were not alone. Pausing for a second to look over his shoulder, he gave a snort and continued into the room. There he found the smiling Jasmine standing by the table with a plate of meat and a fresh loaf of bread.

“Here you go Mr Urufu!”, she sang cheerfully.

“And a nice spread tis it flower” he chimed in. Either she was growing on to him or the ale was kicking in. Either way, his outlook on this young Sylvari was improving quickly. He sat down placing is mug next to the plate and began to crush his hunger. Through the munching and smacking of his lips, he being to question the young Sylvari.

“How long have you been here for flower?”

“I have been here for three moons sir. A forth moon a fortnight from tomorrow.”

“And who pressed you into this service?”

“Mr Tereez” she replied.

Saburu stopped his chewing short. “Tereez? The fellow founder?”

“Aye my lord. He found me wondering the streets of the great white city and inquired about my home. I told him I had none. So he took me in and placed me into the service as care take of the keep incase other sentinels like you were ever to return.”

It would figure Tereez would pull such a chore. Things were hot and cold between Saburu and Tereez before they parted ways. Though Tereez was quick to judge character and trust, he at least seemed to do something right, for a change.

“Did he return here with you flower?”

“No, we went as far a Shaemoor before we parted company.”

Saburu nodded in acceptance of what she said. But as he nodded… the hairs rose on the back of his neck

again. He move his paw over to his half-filled mug for another drink. But as he picked it up, his sense all fired at once, “DANGER!”

In one motion he spun tossing is mug into the darkness which yield a sudden human voice of disapproval. In the same instant the Sylvari shriek in horror, Saburu drew his sword with his offhand and grabbed into the darkness with his right hand. And dark clothed human materialized out of no were.

“Get off me you cur!” He kicked off of Saburu’s chest causing him to lose his grip and flipped over back words. While air born, a dagger spring from his hand. Saburu parried the dagger to the floor with the sword and sprung back at the intruder only to slam the empty ground. The intruder appeared behind him standing only to be kicked in the gut but Saburu’s right leg. His blade spun in the air grazing the coat of the assailant as the man rolled away. But unfortunately, the man rolled to the feet of the Sylvari. Saburu’s ears were filled with words “Bind him mother tree!” “NOOO!”

Saburu looked back to see the man locked to the ground by glowing white roots struggling to get free. Standing over him was the Sylvari with her eyes radiating the same white color.

“I guess there is more to you than meets the eye flower. Tereez was right to employ you into our services.”

The Sylvari, still concentrating on her victim, only smirked in response.

The big Norn walked over to the struggling man in black and boomed down with his voice. “Explain your presence in our hall!”

“My business is my own!”

Saburu place his heavy foot over the man’s ankle pressing down to the point of it almost breaking, the man let out a blood curdling cry of pain that filled the mess hall.

“Care to try that again?” Saburu retorted.

“Alright alright! I am from the Order of Whispers and I was sent here to recon any activity of the Sentinals and report my findings to the high command!”

A Whispers spy… Typical Whispers Saburu thought… when they will ever learn to get information in a decent face to face manner he’ll never know. Especially to a fellow organization charged with the removal of the dragons. Though inconspicuous the Sentinels of the six were to the big three.

“I don’t care for spies much” Pressing slightly harder on the ankle.

“Stop! Please! It hurts!”

“Quit your crying or ill break it off completely runt! What information did you gather?”

“Nothing! No one has been here to gain information from! Just followed this silly Sylvari around!”

“Is that true flo-“

The big Norn’s confirmation with the Sylvari was cut short by her squeezing the vines tighter around the man’s neck causing him to gag. Apparently she didn’t like being called names.

“Aaa, sorry, I take it back!” the man choked.

“He is right”, Jasmine said in a voice filled with echo and power as she eased back her grip on the man, “You are the first to arrive to the keep since my stay.”

“Alright then, release him.”

The Norn lifted his foot and the Sylvari’s roots seeped back into the stone floor again and her eyes returned to their natural yellow color. The man immediately grabbed his ankle to try and get the blood flowing to it again. The Norn then picked the man up by the scruff of the neck with one hand till his feet left the floor.

“Since you have nothing to report to your chain of command then send them this message. If the Order of Whispers or any order for that matter would like to freely trade information they may do so with a proper meeting. And that the Sentinels of the Six are still active.”

The Norn released his grip causing the man to sink back to the floor. The weight of the short fall to his hurt ankle was too much for him to bear.

“Flower, see this man to the door. And make sure he doesn’t look back.”

“Yes sir!” Jasmine replied snapping to attention.

The two drifted into the darkness to the main hall; the man still grimacing in pain with every step. The Norn sat back down at the table and began to finish his meal. He went to reach for his mug and realized it was gone. ‘What a waste of an ale’ he sighed.

Sabre Wolf

Saburu Urufu was finishing his supper as Jasmine reentered the room. She seemed very happy with her good deed of protecting the keep as she was charged with.

“The Whisper guy stumbled away Mr Urufu!” She beemed. “Is there anything else you require?”

“No little flower, you have done plenty tonight. I am sure its near the hour of marring. After a long hike in and a fine meal, its time for sleep.”

“Shall I assist you to your quarters?”

“That wont be necessary. I am sure I can find my way there.”

“As you wish sir.”

The Sylvari started to gather to empty plates off of the table humming an old tune. Not a scrap was left except the bones which were licked clean to white. Saburu started to walked to the door but stop briefly to listen to the song coming from the murmuring Sylvari. He recognized the tune as some sort of lullaby. But he couldn't place it from where. He shrugged it off and continued to the staircase to where he ascended up to the 3rd floor. He walked down the dimly lit hall to a closed door at the end. He turned the handle and pressed it open. The door cried with angst due to its lack of use. Numerous smells filled Saburu's nostrils as he looked around. Everything was where he had left it prior to his absence. The Boar rugs on the floor; the bear skin and fur bed; and the closet half opened with a shirt lightly wrapped around the bottom of the door. He glanced at the shirt and noted it had not moved. It was a security trap he always placed when gone on long expeditions away from home to ensure no one got into his things. He did note however that the bed had changed slightly and that the blankets were clean. He was strangely happy with the presence of the Sylvari. He knew she could be trusted and that he would be taken care of during his stay. He took the rest of his gear of and layed it around his desk and chair in the room. Save his trusty boot dagger; which slid into another sheath located about his pillow. Never can be too careful even in the comforts of one's own home. He layed his head down and his thoughts then dwell on his past events over his two year absence. Balthazar sent him on a mission back to the Norn lands to seek out information on the Ice Dragon Jormag and assist in the fortification of Cragsted. A Norn stronghold outside of Heolbrak dedicated to Urufu and a rally point against the Dredge and Flame Legion. He couldn't find much other then the fact the dragon sought to spread its power and hold on the weak minded and that the cancer of its malice continued spread throughout the region. His eyes got heavy and he was about to drift to sleep when he heard several thuds down stairs. He rolled out of bed and grabbed his dagger and sword belt slipped back out the door. As he reached the upper hall he could hear the Jasmine calling out to him.

“Mr. Urufu! We have a injured protector!”

Saburu rushed down the stairs and quickly appeared by the Sylvari's side to aid a fellow Sentinel. The Sylvari was on one knee and an Asuran was draped over it with blood dripping to the floor.

“Komaki? What happened?”

“Is that you... Saburu?”

“Yes... but don't speak... this might hurt a little.”

Saburu quickly accessed the little Asura's needs and injuries. There was a blood tricking from his jet black hair. And the right leg seemed to have been yanked in the wrong direction. The Asuran coughed in yelped with each poke and prod Saburu made to his body.

Saburu then placed his large hands on Komaki's head and legs which made them disappear due tot he size difference. He began to chanting a healing spell slowly...

“May the winds of the blessed light touch your soul... Let it clean thine wound and mend you whole.”

And with that a soft breeze and blue mist grew out from Saburu's hands and flowed over the Asurans body. His body twitched and Komaki whimpered as it stung at first. But as it progressed to the rest of his body, the sting switched to a light burn and then a warm sensation relaxing and soothing. His body which was rigid in Jasmine's arms, began to go limp and soft. Startled, the young Sylvari looked up at the Norn as the blue light slowly faded and his hands retracted from the Asura's body. Komaki, now curled in a ball was asleep. His head was no longer bleeding and his leg appeared to have been straighten back into its correct position.

“He should be fine flower. Komaki is a tough little guy that can take and great deal of punishment. We will find out what happened in the morning. But for now, see to it that the entrances to keep are secured. We don't want what happened to Komaki to hit us too.”

Jasmine nodded in approval and passed the Asura to the Norn's waiting hands. She quickly worked her way around hall checking all the windows and doors to ensure they were shut to the wet outside world. In the mean time the Norn carried Komaki up to the second floor and placed the limp Asura body in his room and on the bed. Komaki took in a deep breath as he adjusted his body. Saburu left the room to find Jasmine walking up the stairs.

“We are all locked in!”

“Right...” ignoring the somewhat incorrect answer. It was a report of a job done none the less. “We will inquire what happened in the morning. Since the area is secured, lets get some rest ourselves. You did a fine job Jasmine tonight. You get my approval as a Sentinal here.”

“Thank you! Lets go to bed then”. And off Jasmine went down the stairs to the housekeeper suite for the night.

Saburu looked back at the door leading to Komakis room. 'We will get the buggers that kicked your butt little bro.' He thought to himself. 'Now that we are regrouping, we don’t fight alone anymore'.

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