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August 16th, 2013 - Coached by Yordlebob



One of our wonderful RFMs, Yordlebob, is a coach in our new MadCast Coaching program. Thus far, it is mainly for coaching League of Legends summoners, however, I hope to see coaching done in many other games in the future. If you wish to learn, please give these guys pupils to teach. They have a vast store of knowledge, and it not only helps you learn, but reminds them of builds, strategies, and laning techniques. It is a benefit to everyone involved!

Anyways, I had him mainly coach me in two areas: effective supporting and jungle positioning. I'm typically an aggressive support player, so having a pool of passive supports doesn't do me much good other than to feed the enemy carries. Jungling, however, is a role that matches my play style quite well. Nasus, Skarner, and Master Yi are my go-to gents for jungling because of how 'in-your-face' they can be without remorse. Nasus is tanky, Skarner is splashy, and Yi is downright broken (as of this post).

Supporting needs more work than jungling, and with the experience of being coached, I am one step closer to Silver-level play.


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