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And so it begins.



Ever wonder what goes on inside the mind of Cinchil? No? Good, you'd probably get lost in there anyway, I know I do. As a general rule I try not to stay in my own head for very long, there are a lot of closets chalk full of creepy skeletons just waiting to scare the ever-living crap out of me. When I do make trips into the nether regions of my own persona I tend to come out with hints for how I can take over the world or create a special light on a car that signals a U-turn. On rare occasions though, I return with some form of profound wisdom. At least I think its profound at the time. When these instances occur I like to squirrel my new knowledge away to save and look smart later. Unfortunately I have found that knowledge is useless if you keep it to yourself and that the wise will always share what they know so that they may learn more from the next person who uses that knowledge to grow and surpass it. Ah, now I'm just rambling.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that I want to share what I know with those who would listen and learn from those who would speak. Maybe like an interactive discussion in which lay a single brick in the foundation of a building and each person that walks by adds their contribution, lets say another brick, until we get this giant stack of bricks that nobody knows what to do with but ends up shaping up to be a great hall in which all our knowledge and experience is stored for those after us to come along and partake and maybe add to while they are here.

You may ask why I'm not simply creating a thread for this and I would say that is a good question for which I have a very logical answer to. That answer is so logical that you might know the answer already and it is due to the simple fact that I desire a more structured and organised way for me to say what I want to without creating a new thread every day to which I would get a plethora of half-baked replies that I need to sift through. Call me lazy but, I'd just say you are right and we'd all feel awkward after that one.

So, down to the nitty-gritty. I've noticed a recent trend with today's youth. One that I find disturbing as today's youth could include me for some of you. Its getting to the point where I find myself staring at my computer screen or at some random stranger in utter disbelief after witnessing it. Some of you may be wondering what it is I'm talking about exactly. Well, then my plot to intrigue you has succeeded and I now feel extremely cunning because of my success. It seems to me that there is a growing population of youths that are extremely sheltered and then not sheltered at all. What I mean by this is more along the lines of middle to upper class kids and their parent's inability to just say no, to lay down the law, to draw a line in the sand at dare their kids to cross it. More and more I notice children that are rarely if ever denied what they want and if denied find some way of manipulating the rules to get it anyway.

Case in point, I witnessed a child in Wal-Mart ask for a toy. Innocent enough right? Sure. The mom says no, that seems like the law right? No, this kid looked up at his mom and said AND I QUOTE "I'll tell them you hit me." to which the mom replies with a somewhat distraught face and says to get the toy and they move on. I may just be old fashioned or something but I did not live in a world where children had reign over their parents. In my world, child acts up, child gets punished, child stops acting the fool. When did we become a society in which our parents are no longer able to be just that, parents. I know we can look at laws about child abuse and all that but beating your child is not the only way to raise them right. If anything its the least effective. What happened to instilling values such as respect, courtesy, common sense, and chivalry? Where did all the effort go from the parents of our world? Cause that is what it comes down to, our parents, and the time they put into making sure we end up as functioning members of society. This isn't me saying "all parents these days have failed and suck at raising their kids" because that is far from the truth. I believe there are some amazing parents out there that did their job, mine included. Today, these types of people are labeled as overachievers in the parent world but 30 years ago they would be considered normal and run of the mill.I guess my question really is...

What changed?


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