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September 1St, 2013 - First Week Of Ranked For The Dongers



Well, here we are. Week 1 of official team play for the League of Extraordinary Dongers.

I'm very optimistic about the outcomes of this week's matches. Most of all, I am anticipating Team C's success in their first provisional matches.

The past couple weeks have been a build up for something I'm praying will be successful. Competitive teams have had a spotty history in MadCast; one thing I wish to avoid above anything else is for these teams to lose sight of the community that keeps them together. It was MadCast that brought every one of these players together in the first place. It will be their example that determines how far this venture goes.

Knowing that my friend Cinchil and I are doubly accountable for the end result makes this ride very exciting. To be honest, there have been a couple times where I was a bit shaken up, not knowing how issues would get resolved. So far, the teams we've formed have been encouraging and positive every day of practice. Keep it up guys, you're doing awesome! As for me...I'll have some nerves about it still. But when the end of this week comes, I pray the MadCast Dongers have represented our community well.

Raise 'em high.


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