The Innis Legacy

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blog-0754327001381954446.jpg(Disclaimer: Art is not drawn by me. All characters are created and roleplayed by only me.)

Hello and greetings reader,

For every character that I have ever played, there was a reason to play them. Gaining an achievement, exploring the world, and obtaining phat loots for my questing pleasure. But what is it that makes the character so special that you create them in the first place? Is it just the need to have a 'toon' to go through the game? Or is it something more... something that drives you to make them look a certain way, be a certain race, have a certain eye or hair color?

I believe in the latter. When I first create my characters, I put a piece of myself in the video game. I decide the origins of this character's image before the story even unfolds. How they look and how they act are completely up to the player, and whether we realize it or not, those characters are what makes the game enjoyable. We take pride in them and their accomplishments in their virtual world.

In this blog, I will be describing my characters in depth and actually, for the first time, writing out their whole life stories. The longest character I have roleplayed was for 11 years. That is 11 years of story compacted into a single blog, and that's just one character! That is why I will ask of you, the reader, to choose who you want to learn about first.

Lady Shade - The middle aged woman, former thief, dulled by her past and numbed by the burning of her self inflicted curse.

Tesse Centirum - The daughter of Lady Shade, a klutzy chronomancer seeking out an artifact that will unravel the Mists as we know them.

Solice Sylvante - The beautiful and deadly lady, a slave to her desire for power and magic.

Tyrinnis Sylvante - Twin sister of Solice, a kind fanatic intent on destroying the world and introduce us to the 'True' peace of her 'Light'.

Scynnis - The danger deep in the wood at night that howls at the moon and runs with her pack. (Limited story.)

Beta Zee - A glitchy infinite watchknight created for questionable purposes by the remains scattered by Scarlet's invasions. (Not available.)

Livati Esun - An Elonian warrior with every intention of fighting her way home. (Not available.)

Trixy Treat - Bombs, bullets, explosions, and maniacal laughter! (Not available.)

Now you tell me which to write about first! Please comment with your votes.

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