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This event repeats every week on Tuesday forever

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Mafia works like this:

* Teams group up into 5v5 ARAM (or 4v4, 3v3 - minimum needed is 6 people)

* One member from each team is randomly assigned to be the mafia, the other 4 on each team are villagers. The goal of the mafia member is to lose the game without their team suspecting that they were the mafia.

* After the game, you vote on your respective teams on who you think the mafia was. Then after points are totaled, we do another game with 2 new mafias.

* Note: If you want quicker games, you can play an optional rule where the game ends upon the Inhibitor being destroyed instead of Nexus.


Points Breakdown:

* Each villager player from the winning team receives 1 point off the bat (mafia from winning team gains 0.5 points.)

* Losing team villagers gain no points. Losing team mafia gains 1.5 points.

* During the voting, if you guess the mafia right on your team, you receive 1 point.

* The mafia on each team gains 0.5 points for each person that doesn't guess them.

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